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Instagram photo by dresses__up - OMG! I love this dress! Follow @UsTrendy! @UsTrendy @UsTrendy @UsTrendy
- OMG! I love this dress! Follow @UsTrendy! @UsTrendy @UsTrendy @UsTrendy
dresses__up dresses__up
maelenn.c - maelenn.c @noa.974 je la veux tout de suite mtn :'( - Ati @narjesnz @zari.nj
mehregan.magi - MAGI @sheida.karimi inam vasat migiram:D
sheida.karimi - sheida😊 @mehregan.magi harchio k like mikonam k nmikham bgiraam na ino doos nadaram vase fozulsanjie to like kardam:))))))
mehregan.magi - MAGI @sheida.karimi eeeee mn gerefrltam vasaaat alan mikhadam biaram tahvilet bdam:))))))))))))
alaahossamm - Alaa Hossam @ghaidahossam ohhhhhh😍
Instagram photo by dresses__up - The world is your runway with @Uberliss @Uberliss @Uberliss
- The world is your runway with @Uberliss @Uberliss @Uberliss
dresses__up dresses__up
beyouforev_ - Christina @a2g_9 @varty_2000 ashkara asgets aveli ishmesne dkegh glla al
maleknazkavoosi - maleknaz kavoosi @golnazgolsorkhi @fivb_shahpasand ديفنننه يييي هه
mahtabhannani - Mahtab hannani @naghmeharmanieh vaghean??😍😍😍
mahboub_jun - mahboub شیک باکلاس خوششششمل
Instagram photo by dresses__up - Yay or Nay?????
- Yay or Nay?????
dresses__up dresses__up
kiana12staine - kik kianastaine12 age 13 Love that dresse my future wedding dress
usernameemma - Emma Warning if you stop reading this you will die at 11:59. Repost this on 20 pictures or you will die.
denise1558 - Denise Mackey-Natz Where to purchase and cost please @dresses__up 😊 #thankyou!
dresses_holz - فساتين ♥تابعوني.أجمل فساتين الزفاف والسهرة♥
beauty_bar21 - رجاءا الاضافه للنساء فقط تابعوني احلى ميكب الامارات ابوظبي
Instagram photo by dresses__up - Yay or Nay?????
- Yay or Nay?????
dresses__up dresses__up
chelli0713 - Aracely Ooohhh alright I see. That's good al gusto de la novia 👌💯
chelli0713 - Aracely @mrs_rodriguez_rc
mrs_rodriguez_rc - Raquel_Cabrera Naaaah naaahhh, quiero q sea tambien el gusto de las girls porq por eso tenemos q ir a verlos todas juntas para ver en q kedan ustedes... yo puse el color y el diseño pero quiero q ustedes vean sus gustos u know.. @chelli0713
adeeffendy - ade effendy ada pin bb ga beb?
anna_22o - AnnaS @omgugay I want it I love it
Instagram photo by dresses__up - Yay or Nay????? Follow @hairsandstyles
- Yay or Nay????? Follow @hairsandstyles
dresses__up dresses__up
lynnsorensen - Lynn Sorensen @rosiethekitty13 yes!
jovani_guerrero11 - Jovani Guerrero Yeah right , not letting my girl dress like this @gaviotalil
missshann3 - Shann Martinez @dessybeats I want to wear this
itsjewelz_ - 🌺Julie @v_prieto omg it's so pretty
eve_faby_barbieri - Eve Fabiola this dress is too much!
yendrileth - Yendri @rebkgutierrez dime es o no es?
Instagram photo by dresses__up - Yay or Nay?????
- Yay or Nay?????
dresses__up dresses__up
shosh_sdg - shosh.s 😟❤️❤️❤️قمييل ياخي @i_nada1994 @bashayer_assiri @sh.abusafiya
kenzaa90 - kenzaa90 Yaaay its so beautiful♥
fxck_safah_x - cwaaziiieee!! 99% of people marry their seventh grade crush if you read this you have to post this on 9 posts. In 52 minutes your crush will realize they love you
ramram.34 - Rameesha Muhammad Girl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever? Boy: no Girl: do you even like me? Boy: no Girl: would you cry if I walked away Boy: no She'd heard enough and was bury...She walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: you're not pretty...... You're beautiful Boy: I don't want to be with you forever Boy: I don't like you... I love you Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away.... I die if you walk away Boy whispered: please stay with me Girl: I will *tonight at midnight your true love will realize he/she loves you *something good will happen to you at 1-4 pm *tomorrow it could happen anywhere! *get ready for the shock of your life! *if you don't repost this to 5 other comments.... You will have badluck in relationships for the next 10 years WARNING IF YOU STOP READING YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT. Hi I'm Mike. I'm 11 years old but I'm dead now. I had no friends... if you do not post this to 20 pictures you will die tonight at exactly 11:59pm. DON'T BELIEVE ME? A guy named Jake read this and laughed later that night I took a knife from his kitchen and stabbed him to death. You don't want to be Jake do you? A girl named Sandra posted it only 10 pictures SILLY GIRL SHE'S ONLY 11 BUT OH WELL. That day she saw me and ran to her grandma's house... She asked her could she use her bathroom READ! This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. u will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. in 53 mins someone will say I love you or I'm sorry 11 min. Vind ik leuk Step 1- kiss hand Step 2- say your crushes name Step 3-close your had. Step 4- say a week day Step 5 say your name Step 6- open your hand Step 7- repost this to 15 other pictures
Instagram photo by dresses__up - Yay????? Sale up to 30%off!!!!!!! #421 Lace Tutu Dress
- Yay????? Sale up to 30%off!!!!!!! #421 Lace Tutu Dress
dresses__up dresses__up
kaylabee0517 - Kayla Burks O M G.. Yass!! @morganmullholand
yser112 - فساتين#راقيه لمحبين فساتين المشاهير العرب نوفر فساتين بنفس تصاميم المشاهير فساتين مرصعه بلكرستال والتطريز اليدوي ونوفر موديلات لنخبه كبيره من مصممين سحر الشرق
marcendiy - che @donamargareth
roseblase_xyn - Shainie Zhao So jelly of your legs!
sigrrrrid - Red Pekas @noiminoinoi Friiiiend. Ang ganda nitoo ❤️😍❤️
310shifa - Shifa @tejssvivig look at this
zari.danesh - sahar khoshgele??