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Instagram photo by drilone - Radioactive GID A-10 x Mecha mashup @kidrobot @huckgee #drilone #dril #drils #a10 #commission
- Radioactive GID A-10 x Mecha mashup @kidrobot @huckgee #drilone #dril #drils #a10 #commission
drilone drilone
eyece13 - james Awesome piece!!
eyece13 - james Who's this one mine or kano?
drilone - DrilOne @eyece13 neither, it was requested by someone else
eyece13 - james Dang it looks awesome buddy!
est_81 - D. Thompson Damn... I do believe that's mine. awesome works as always.
drilone - DrilOne @est_81 yes!!!
Instagram photo by drilone - What color/s should I make it? #Mongolion
- What color/s should I make it? #Mongolion
drilone drilone
wormfost - Benjamin Stegeman These are the coolest!
presco617 - Purple and black. Actually, this guy is going to look awesome in most any color!
john_gaither - John Gaither Red and silver with a little black and matter what colors it's going to be awesome no doubt.
whalefaceart - I agree with @john_gaither
nando.b - what kind of material use to made that?
drilone - DrilOne @nando.b its a vinyl toy by @lamoursupreme
nando.b - That's great! Where can i get that vinyl?
drilone - DrilOne @nando.b search mongolion super 7, if I see any I will let you know
Instagram photo by drilone - Yours @kandroid  #commission #dunny #zombie
- Yours @kandroid #commission #dunny #zombie
drilone drilone
kandroid - Kain Jiang Wow ๐Ÿ˜ Is it's accessory going to be like this dope as well? #toogood
drilone - DrilOne @kandroid yes
kandroid - Kain Jiang @drilone Awesome, looking forward for the other two custom pieces. Cheers!
eyece13 - james Amazing piece!
Instagram photo by drilone - Mega water tower background done @boundlessbrooklyn #watertower
- Mega water tower background done @boundlessbrooklyn #watertower
drilone drilone
slomomofos - slomomofo Sick...this is already my fave water tower so far
mesooohoppy - Probably the only time I've ever said I really dig that buff. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ #fuckthebuff
boundlessbrooklyn - Boundless Brooklyn @drilone That's awesome! Can't wait to see the base you come up with.
Instagram photo by drilone - Does this mean I made it? Or my 10th anniversary gift of getting bootlegged? #coarsetoys  #drilone #dril #drils #bootleg #china
- Does this mean I made it? Or my 10th anniversary gift of getting bootlegged? #coarsetoys #drilone #dril #drils #bootleg #china
drilone drilone
martian_toys - ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ You made it when your customs get bootlegged! Congrats to @drilone - yeah?
unclestudio - I wish I was cool like you!
rebeccahesla - Bex Amazing!โค๏ธ
drilone - DrilOne @unclestudio not that cool, just play one on the Internet
eyece13 - james @drilone where can I find one buddy?
drilone - DrilOne @eyece13 its on eBay but way over priced for a bootleg
eyece13 - james @drilone oh, ok I was a little confused thanks. Thought it was something coming soon but that was sarcasm, lol. Sorry
Instagram photo by drilone - Robots!!!!!!!
- Robots!!!!!!!
drilone drilone
outlawsfv - @scarylarryv
maloapril - April Elliott "MaloApril" These are cool :) I've got one from Matt from years back and have always wanted to paint it ! Cool @drilone :)
Instagram photo by drilone - Found a old flyer #KonkreteJungle #coneyislandhigh
- Found a old flyer #KonkreteJungle #coneyislandhigh
drilone drilone
shiddy_rich - Rich Olstrom (General Unchi) I used to go to these parties, dj wally and swingset in the basement was my shit. Summer of 94 at Coney Island High on Monday days of my life.
jasonencryption - Jason Encryption Konkrete Jungle was a staple on the east coast .. Used to drive up from DC for shows ! Good memories .
drilone - DrilOne @shiddy_rich that's around when I went too
iheartlunch - ED aka Useless Toys @drilone @shiddy_rich yep we were at the same parties. #fuckthisjustmadefeelold #ravers
50arms - 50arms @iheartlunch Soulslinger that was the man
Instagram photo by drilone - 1982 Atari catalog #Atari
- 1982 Atari catalog #Atari
drilone drilone
big_c_art - Big C Was thinking of you. Finally picked up a dunny tank. Great work bro.
drilone - DrilOne @big_c_art from where? All you had to do was email me!
big_c_art - Big C Random dude on FB
drilone - DrilOne @big_c_art awesome thx!