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Instagram photo by drilone - Restocking my store tomorrow.
- Restocking my store tomorrow.
drilone drilone
yingchoyyc - Ying Choy Gus Fring Drone?
drilone - DrilOne @yingchoyyc ?
tgundred - Tom Gundred @drilone - BreakingBad reference…
drilone - DrilOne @tgundred @yingchoyyc duh!!!! I should have known that
Instagram photo by drilone - cold-casted magnets
- cold-casted magnets
drilone drilone
feedhead - Awesome piece ... Quick enough to grab an aluminum one!
Instagram photo by drilone - Jason!!! @liljnyc @ronenglishart #streetartshowdown
- Jason!!! @liljnyc @ronenglishart #streetartshowdown
drilone drilone
novagames - Great episode
iheartlunch - ED aka Useless Toys That is the biggest piece of shit show ever.
drilone - DrilOne @iheartlunch yes I know but still watch it for the train wreck
iheartlunch - ED aka Useless Toys @drilone that guy Bua? is a hack. Never heard of him. The guys s fucking illustrator art school douche, and the contestants are just as bad.
Instagram photo by drilone - Found out why my brakes started squeaking #gsr #acura #integra
- Found out why my brakes started squeaking #gsr #acura #integra
drilone drilone
eckotyper - Still pad left! Put em back on!
drilone - DrilOne @diceryuri @eckotyper metal grinding
eckotyper - I'm totally kidding
duboseart - Jonathan DuBose Just redid mine. Make sure you check the inside of the disc for grooves. You might have to replace the discs if it's too bad or have them smoothed at a shop to save some cash. Easy job tho. Hardest part is getting the tire lugs off and compressing the caliper piston.
scottnorwoodart - Scott Norwood Graphic Artist I had to fix mine in Feb. A bolt had come lose and busted the brake while I was driving. It exploded. Mechanic never seen anything like it.
drilone - DrilOne @duboseart did each side in 10 min. Upgrading soon to larger brakes later so this was a added cost I didn't want.
wanderingboba - Wandering Boba Don't forget to resurface...
drilone - DrilOne @wanderingboba screws that they were smooth
Instagram photo by drilone - Custom @reddit Snoos dropped now at http://DrilOne.bigcartel.com #reddit #snoo Thanks @reddit
- Custom @reddit Snoos dropped now at http://DrilOne.bigcartel.com #reddit #snoo Thanks @reddit
drilone drilone
lianavarro - Lia Navarro-Pennington LOVE. #badass @redditgifts @reddit @prettyinplastic 👍
est_81 - D. Thompson Just ordered mine. here's hoping one for a gas mask one "wink wink" jk I know it's blind box which makes it the fun part
Instagram photo by drilone - Aluminum Drone.
- Aluminum Drone.
drilone drilone
gage_scoots - Gage Cormier They are sick but what are they
bybriokes - M.M. only samsng galaxy 3s @fulcadilattuga @neutrodor
drilone - DrilOne @gage_scoots my own character
mesooohoppy - @rexotica @stoney916
gage_scoots - Gage Cormier How much is like a tower or something to put graffiti on?
drilone - DrilOne @gage_scoots email me
Instagram photo by drilone - #6 figure of the #mexicanbootleggedfigures for @cluttermagazine show on 03.14.15 #bootleg #gasmask #skullbrainer #alien #aliens
- #6 figure of the #mexicanbootleggedfigures for @cluttermagazine show on 03.14.15 #bootleg #gasmask #skullbrainer #alien #aliens
drilone drilone
prosacksmk - Love it, luchador custom!!!
jdubbs3191 - Jesse Davidson This is deff one of the cooler ones I've seen, what material are those?
s_wilkowski - Scott Wilkowski @drilone They are all great! ~Awesome
drilone - DrilOne @jdubbs3191 real bootleg Lucha figures from Mexico with cast resin heads
jdubbs3191 - Jesse Davidson The body's look rubbery
drilone - DrilOne @jdubbs3191 hard plastic