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Instagram media by animalbikes - #chrissilva action from yesterday. Photo: @bluntz_and_stuntz
#chrissilva action from yesterday. Photo: @bluntz_and_stuntz
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  • User profile for jeffwithglasses

    that's crazy

  • User profile for bigchilldrums

    That's in Toronto I sent @jeffreykocsis a pic of this when I was there haha

  • User profile for hotdamnyeah

    Queen street

  • User profile for bluntz_and_stuntz

    @animalbikes back in the day there was no globe ... Just brick transition. Rumour of a dude jumping the whole thing but pics or #GTFO

  • User profile for thatkidonabike

    You guys still around Toronto this weekend?

  • User profile for jgervais1

    @mike_depetrillo there goes that trick :(

  • User profile for thebeastboy15

    What colour is the frame

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