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Chase DeHart
Instagram media by animalbikes - @etniesbmx regram of @dehart856 getting in some Vegas pool action.
@etniesbmx regram of @dehart856 getting in some Vegas pool action.
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    I thought hed stay loyal to 2 pegs cuz he makes classic moves look good and he just kills it, wonder what hes gunna come up with next

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    Time to make that 4 peg move @anthnycxntvtore

  • User profile for jpmonk

    Love that pool, first pool I ever rode.

  • User profile for docirish

    That graf needs to stop being buffed... Especially with shit brown when the walls are clearly light blue

  • User profile for pashaliashov

    Почему у него 4пеги? Это не правильно!

  • User profile for dylan_ward77

    Pull up dem pants bro

  • User profile for shreadington

    Also yes

  • User profile for justin_kroatia

    This picture is in a pool



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