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Halle Diez


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Instagram photo by hallediez - Hunger games 😁
- Hunger games
hallediez hallediez
katelyngilmore - katelyngilmore ahhh so you already know she@dies in this one
kellkavy - Kelli Kavanagh ^ she honestly needs a new phone hahahah
hallediez - Halle Diez Hahahaha or is she just always drunk the world may never know @kellkavy
luisufuck - Luis Morrison You are going to regret watching it poor acting by Jennifer Lawrence and the movie is just overall bad you will see πŸ˜„
hetvler - Ethan Hetzler So what did ya think?
Instagram photo by hallediez - Bailey discovered her true passion in life today: Blue Gatorade
- Bailey discovered her true passion in life today: Blue Gatorade
hallediez hallediez
nudiesrus - swagin On 'em Ughhhhh u jus gave ur dog gator AIDS? Hope he ok
jstntdd89 - Jstntdd89 Gatorade is the bomb I give it to my cat
heeybrammetje - heeybrammetje i don't care what these people say because that is just freaking amazing!!!!!
cnjbori - cnjBori @aborimonoff
aborimonoff - aborimonoff That's so cute! @cnjbori
brian_taylor_ - Brian Taylor @standtallkelsey_ stumbled across this and thought of you!
Instagram photo by hallediez - Nelope is so happy 🐭
- Nelope is so happy
hallediez hallediez
dragonfly8936 - dragonfly8936 Wish Baloo, my hedge, liked being touched at all
zilalaa - zilalaa @justmariellee omg
hallediez - Halle Diez You just have to handle them a lottttttt I hold her for a few hours a day @dragonfly8936
dragonfly8936 - dragonfly8936 I don't have that time to spare
mmal45 - Malcolm Mauricio Hu! @butterfly_505
Instagram photo by hallediez - 😬
hallediez hallediez
technoepallone - technoepallone Kik tuttotuo21 for girls only 😘😘😘
horny_guy_for_you - horny_guy_for_you Let me squeeze this big boobs
x_schnarchi_x - Nick Waas Du zeigst gerne was du hast oder? :D
bricksoflegos - Sam Vance Happy early thanksgiving! I give thanks for your smile and the fact that you seen really happy πŸ˜€
drbeavis - drbeavis Saw this photo of you on the chive "I dream of beanie"
Instagram photo by hallediez - Pile of puppies 😍 #goodmorning
- Pile of puppies #goodmorning
hallediez hallediez
taylorheinrich_forever - Taylor🌻🌹Heinrich Awe😍 I love Golden retrievers.
hallediez - Halle Diez She's a goldie / lab mix lol they're the best dogs @taylorheinrich_forever
taylorheinrich_forever - Taylor🌻🌹Heinrich That's adorable they are the best dogs. I have a Goldie right now named Rose.
Instagram photo by hallediez - :-)
- :-)
hallediez hallediez
moparcoog - moparcoog Beautiful smile and beautiful lady @hallediez
sergio_n1981 - Sergio πŸ‘žβŒšπŸ‘” You've got a killer smile to go with that killer body. @hallediez
mkdynasty272 - Misa Of the sexiest pics of you ever @hallediez
tannorstudman - Tannor Steadman @white_chocolate_chip98
matt_morett - Matt Morett Whoa. I like you.
Instagram photo by hallediez - Happy Veteran's day to my soldier 😍 And thank you to the countless others who have risked their lives for our freedom πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #merica
- Happy Veteran's day to my soldier And thank you to the countless others who have risked their lives for our freedom #merica
hallediez hallediez
hallediez - Halle Diez Thank you. These people are so disrespectful @artbyhatch1
mistahsnyder - Dustin Snyder Take your problems up with the United States government you disrespectful little trolls. Anyone that sacrifices years of their life for their country, or in some cases their life completely, deserves respect. Most of the scum trolling on here aren't even old enough to serve their country, let alone understand the sacrifice. Keep regurgitating facts you hear from other ignorant people.
chris__mcminn - Chris McMinn @veryamicableguy bro you don't even have any followers. @michaelmosca_ cares for us and risks his life for us. Don't even start @veryamicableguy
thunderscoot - thunderscoot As a Disabled veteran, I say thank you to your boyfriend for his service and all others too.
veryamicableguy - veryamicableguy In wars innocent people die - yes - for no reason. Especially when wars are based on financial intrests. Which is stupid by itself. And you don't have to koin the army, or? And if so, u choose to kill for that reason.
veryamicableguy - veryamicableguy And yes, you are brave for risking yor own life. But that dosnt justify the killing.
cmlyerla5 - Christopher Michael Lyerla Quiet professionals is what it's about. No recognition or anything is needed. Just know you've done your job and move on. No need to broadcast if your a veteran.
onewithjediplusmicah - Kelly&Micahs instagram @veryamicableguy So even if any war was for no reason or "stupid" then why would other countries attack our homeland period? Without these wars and our country protecting its own you wouldn't have a hole to shit in. Don't blame all the messed up things about war on soldiers they don't need or deserve to hear it. They live in it and they know way more than you probably will ever know about what it means to be a man or how to be selfless. Look at other countries in comparison to ours you're pretty damn lucky to be an American! The men and women who defend this country don't control these things they're not the ones deciding or running this country. They're simply risking their lives that way others like you and me have a choice not to.
Instagram photo by hallediez - So sleepy
- So sleepy
hallediez hallediez
hallediez - Halle Diez Yeah but I want Penelope to only experience the finest things in life lol @sweetaction4u
sweetaction4u - Ray Rodriguez Lol then get her hedgehog litter then, it has virtually no dust in it so you can use it straight out of the package. Saltandpepper hedgehogs are the best! @hallediez
sweetaction4u - Ray Rodriguez #hedgehogselfies 4 daays
rachaelmulpas - rachaelmulpas Me and my mom have been looking for a pet hedgehog where did you get one ?😍
hallediez - Halle Diez In Vegas when I went @rachaelmulpas
rachaelmulpas - rachaelmulpas Was it from a store or just a friend ?
hallediez - Halle Diez I found a breeder online and got her, the pet store didn't have great reviews @rachaelmulpas
rachaelmulpas - rachaelmulpas Ok thank you il have to look online !
Instagram photo by hallediez - I love the grass mom
- I love the grass mom
hallediez hallediez
savepiggies - β„‘oselinπŸ’žπŸ‘Œ I'm for sure jealous now 😭😭πŸ’₯πŸ‘Š
ewizalbiff_ - Elizabeth Brosmanβ™Œ Where did you buy that I have been wanting one 😭
hallediez - Halle Diez Vegas... I just left there and grabbed her on the way @ewizalbiff_
drjlm34 - Jose L. Mora Little Sonic is chilling outdoors
gabezlol - Ryan Gabriele I had a hedgehog, she died of WHS. sadddd faccee.😒
xandramorelli - Alex McGee Halle whatve I told you about trying to be a zoo keeper?! (; the little budderbawl is so cute. Great addition to the reptilian fam haha
hallediez - Halle Diez Lol I only have 8 pets right now it's not thaaaat many @xandramorelli
Instagram photo by hallediez - Everyone meet Penelope ☺
- Everyone meet Penelope
hallediez hallediez
evomar - Omar Cerda He's a workaholic now that's good more money for drugs and alcohol πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
meghanagreddy - Meghana Reddy @purelxk what the fuck this thing is a cutie patootie
drbeavis - drbeavis How are they as pets ? Personality ?
highheena - High-Heena @hallediez omg is she another new addition? She is to cute. When did you get her. She looks like a porcipine kinda. Aaahhhhh adorable!!🌹
venek - Ken Oh my god, so fuckin cute! I've wanted a hedgehog for years now!
abstractmind - Eliezer Ciriaco 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Instagram photo by hallediez - 🐚
hallediez hallediez
alidaresalam - Ali Daresalamwala @abbasdalal @bhurrr ... kadak...
bhurrr - Burhanuddin Pardawala Papaya @alidaresalam @abbasdalal @ali_hyder_magar
badronnie - ronnie fritz @xoxo_courtneyekdahl πŸ™Œ
handtoekneeho - Anthony Ho You look on point in that outfit Halle! 10/10 x)
albertbm16 - Albert @jordiguillemso
Instagram photo by hallediez - Day 1. Already dying
- Day 1. Already dying
hallediez hallediez
kellkavy - Kelli Kavanagh you look so pretty 😍
hallediez - Halle Diez Really? Lol I didn't hear you I'm sorry! @kungfumidgetswithguns
hallediez - Halle Diez Tanks misses ☺ @kellkavy
hallediez - Halle Diez Shes a bitch @katelyngilmore
abu__krm - krrom pin:75C98D9A Beautiful β™₯_β™₯