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Instagram photo by redtailedink - Pretty much all done,until he finds something
- Pretty much all done,until he finds something
redtailedink redtailedink
punkpete_3 - PeteDIII Congratulations to Client and Craftsman !!! 🙏🙏🙏
jeffcroci - jeff croci @betsyjonatelsky awesome!
lauriellvo - Laura @anichanmanichan mira este tatuaje xD OwO
codonnell_nyc - CHRIS O'DONNELL This is incredible!!!
anichanmanichan - Ani-chan Manichan ._________. Parece una alfombra @lauriellvo
xo_fah_lane - felayne @iixang3lxii just get your arm thighs butt everything lmao
Instagram photo by redtailedink - You talking to me? #taxidriver2
- You talking to me? #taxidriver2
redtailedink redtailedink
durtyjerz - Alex Espana Boo!! Another Great Movie Ruined!
legendary_cxc - Steve Guzman Yea they fucking it up! lol who can top De Niro?
mikecrash - Mike Crash Maybe it's pt. 2 of the Queen Latifah movie 💩
masa3t - THREETIDESTATTOO KAZさんではりまんの?
thesenatortaylor - Brandon Taylor Lotta times the titles on those are made up.
noisybagofchips - nicole It's a porno... Taxi drive-her 2. Shot live on your block.
paultd_ - Paul Kim @noblemythos speaking of fucking up classics
redtailedink - Kazuhisa Matsumoto でーへんがなただそこらじゅうよーけはりだしよるのがめについただけやって@masa3t
Instagram photo by redtailedink - Healed pics.all the tattoos are on same guy.#911tattoo
- Healed pics.all the tattoos are on same guy.#911tattoo
redtailedink redtailedink
danbythewood - Dan Bythewood Wow, really impressive/versatile.
mossaih1 - mossaih1 Wow like the color 🙌📷👌great
nallasmith - Nalla Smith All rad, the marriage one particularly so!
22joeyboy22 - 22joeyboy22 @redtailedink cant wait for this back piece
22joeyboy22 - 22joeyboy22 @mademoiselle_rashu
Instagram photo by redtailedink
redtailedink redtailedink
markcmerchant - Mark C. Merchant Awesome work, thank you kindly for the inspiration! 👍✌️👏❤️
cesia_lopez - Cesia Lopez @choqomilk asiiii!?? Esta padrisiiimo pero Asuuuu!!
choqomilk - choqomilk's No duele mucho después de unos cuantos te acostumbras