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Instagram photo by redtailedink - Another hannya 般若 on Jamie
- Another hannya 般若 on Jamie
redtailedink redtailedink
mossaih1 - mossaih1 Like the color nice👌
billythekiddo - billythekiddo @redtailedink Hi, I was trying to send you a message about setting up an appointment via your website but it seems to not be working.. please let me know how I would go about doing that.. thanx bill..
redtailedink - Kazuhisa Matsumoto @billythekiddo I'm actually redoing my website,it should be done in week or two but for now you can email me the address on top of the page.thanks
__andre_skullnsword__ - André Malcolm™ @redtailedink I'm in NYC I have gift for you
redtailedink - Kazuhisa Matsumoto @__andre_skullnsword__ cool!!I ll be at adorned tomorrow 1-9 ish,if u have time pls swing by..thx Andre