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Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 💔
chantelchristie chantelchristie
fallatah288 - Ahmed Fallatah @chantelchristie 😞💔
ms_careybabi - Carey Michael They are two black males who lives were taken simply bcz they are black in racist America they are one in the same both of them didn't deserve to be killed!!! Period
jlovelynicole - Jasmine Pitts 🌸 @minnie0502 SHOOTING IS THE VERY LAST RESORT even if he resisted arrest, ran 30 miles, stole. Shooting IS THE LAST RESORT even if they had to taser him or beat him with a stick, until they see him with a weapon that is causing threat to the officers SHOOTING IS THR LAST RESORT after all things have been exercised. You are entitled to your own opinion but he is just as innocent as Mr.martin because SHOOTING IS THE LAST RESORT.
minnie0502 - ❤️Minerva❤️💁 @jlovelynicole I completely agree with 100% that shooting should be the last resort. I agree that he didn't deserve what happen to him and it's a sad tragedy. I just don't see how they relate other than they're race. But like I said I do agree shooting should always be last resort.
nohakeem_olajuwonmom - nohakeem_olajuwonmom @naturallyfancy6 @tiffymtownsel 😩
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - But first, lemme take a selfie.
- But first, lemme take a selfie.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
k1ngleo_25 - I PROMISE ME IMA GRIND!!!! Your selfie game is A1. I LOVE IT @chantelchristie
foreverdevinj - Devin J Your # still the same?
kristianparks86 - Krissythparks @beautifullykay love this color
toney_barnes - Anthony Barnes You are my ig crush.
badformypapi - badformypapi ugghhh your so beautiful
musizave - musizave Love you Chantel and that why I'm going say this!!! Purple isn't your color. It doesn't enhance you, only washes out your beauty. Please don't get mad cause we been riding for you over here. #TeamChantel
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - SUNdayFUNday
- SUNdayFUNday
chantelchristie chantelchristie
msma_am - Rhonda @justsierra_ I've been eyeing purple for a long time. It's actually not as dramatic as I once thought
msma_am - Rhonda That looks like plum
nickin8 - NickiN @nia.louise
aliciacharmaine - Alicia Conley-Allen @leoivlife ...yes...keep the pic.
t_sticky - t_sticky Beautiful ladies
iits.jayy - HU$TLE.MENTALiTY @arzeliaa I want this color
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 💜🏡👼👭
chantelchristie chantelchristie
uluvla - Laí$ 👶 Your hair 😍😍😍😍
mzmiraclehandz - shalisha @chantelchristie are those Orlando girls, lmfao.. smh
soosydney - Sydney Why would those be Orlando girls y'all are stupid, I really love your hair
ohlivejah - Olivia Matheson @idream_ofdash @mzmiraclehandz y'all crazy as shit. Lol #whytheysaygirlsarecrazy
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - ☺️ GM. Happy Sunday
- ️ GM. Happy Sunday
chantelchristie chantelchristie
mrscarlenarowe - mrscarlenarowe Cute your brows!
everythingx2 - Killa Cam @chantelchristie you are a beautiful woman.
bangem_100 - MalcolmBangEm Very pretty 😍😍
armaniniola - Armani White @therealmarkitta thought this was you!
therealmarkitta - Markitta Maria Garris 😍😍😍 she so pretty @armaniniola !!
rudeboi103 - Original RudeBoi™ 👍😍👌😘 @chantelchristie