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chantelchristie's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Monday belongs to the go getters. Get up, get out and get somethin'.
- Monday belongs to the go getters. Get up, get out and get somethin'.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
__foreverlicia - __foreverlicia @whit_my_paris this us bestie!
misslindi23 - misslindi23 @itzmsveey @lady_sebele @tashy_candy_xx 😆😆😆
whit_my_paris - whit_my_paris @__foreverlicia yes I love this 👏👏👏👏
sonyaeelise - SONYAÉ M. ЯEBEL 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
fabulouscouture_ - Fabulous Couture @chantelchristie Hey Check out my clothing boutique for affordable celebrity inspired clothing 💋✌️
kenyonay80 - Kenyona @insatiablelover #onmygrind
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - We're all guilty
- We're all guilty
chantelchristie chantelchristie
precious_fani - Precious Fani @olgaatlholang nd @emmanuelleserumola Yaaaz
emmanuelleserumola - Emmanuelle Serumola @precious_fani & @olgaatlholang I would rather get it after 29 times.. People do a lot of pretending out there.. Eg girls who give our the cookie on the 1st week because they thought they got it. #but it's none of my business #justsAying
sassybutclassy - Sassy But Classy 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
bkyle_ - Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins Because people are full of shit Oprah. Until people can establish a track record of consistent behavior, they are guilty (keep an eye on them) until proven innocent (fully let ya guard down). Unless you're a very good judge of character and operate off of instinct.... this applies
olgaatlholang - Olga Atlholang @emmanuelleserumola truth I couldn't have said it better. People be two faced then wonder why you go bipolar on them.
olgaatlholang - Olga Atlholang @precious_fani #truth choma
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Cheers.... To 5 years of friendship. Love you girls @luluwoods @jazzycakesla
- Cheers.... To 5 years of friendship. Love you girls @luluwoods @jazzycakesla
chantelchristie chantelchristie
justsay_ki - Kiia Walker Shit and to think I got friends for 23 years... I need to do a cheers to. Real friends are hard to find so let's all cheer to that
smokahontes43 - Corrie Barrington Cheers lady's love u Neice take a shot for me
fallatah288 - Ahmed Fallatah @chantelchristie تشربون سكار
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Changed my mind last minute. 😍 #nudegoeswitheverything #inlove
- Changed my mind last minute. #nudegoeswitheverything #inlove
chantelchristie chantelchristie
missdemara - missdemara @ari.deshae !!!!
rheinaaa - Rheina Ale I loveeee nude nails!
angelcopgirl - angelcopgirl Someone anyone please @chantelchristie where can I order the clutch????
smokahontes43 - Corrie Barrington I love u Neice that purse is cracking the most you go girl straight coutour
dreman710 - Andre Carter Wow that purse can take somebody out or dead.
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Ladies, quick! Pick a color.
- Ladies, quick! Pick a color.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
its_shade - Ramat Adebayo Is your favorite color purple?? That color really pops on you; your hair and nails.. @chantelchristie sorry for the long essay looking say the lighter color..
royce843 - 👑P O L A Dark purple only because of your hair 😉
luvlyladi - luvlyladi What's the name of the light purple?
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 🗽
chantelchristie chantelchristie
echohattix - THE ORACLE #PurpleHair Squad
scorpionqueen2014 - scorpionqueen2014 @angelndskyz99 @like_liquor @honey_bun80 How cute is this! Is this what you talkin bout
angelndskyz99 - ndskyz Yes ma'am as soon as my head heals I'm going for it @scorpionqueen2014 @honey_bun80 @like_liquor
scorpionqueen2014 - scorpionqueen2014 @angelndskyz99 @honey_bun80 @itsme_ohyeah That Damn scalp! LMAO @like_liquor
like_liquor - like_liquor @angelndskyz99 I DARE YOU
angelndskyz99 - ndskyz @like_liquor don't believe me just watch!!!!!!
cabelloforte - Luxury Hair is My Fortè 😍😙 I LOVE your look! I would love for you to rock my luxury hair! DM for info boo. Let's work! ♥
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - New Chantel Nicole Cosmetics coming soon 😘
- New Chantel Nicole Cosmetics coming soon
chantelchristie chantelchristie
chantelchristie - Chantel Christie I don't have to. It's none of your business. @_rrandle1
unn_bothered - Aleshia 👌👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍 people are so rude @chantelchristie
avacapra - Ava Capra ❤️❤️❤️
_imperfectionsofanangel - A. Love you pretty my inspiration 🙏 @chantelchristie
kellyccooper - Kelly Cooper Hope NYC was amazing! Nice to meet ya girly and don't forget squarespace and! ✈️✈️✈️
jazzycakesla - jazz @rheinaaa right?! Bomb! 😍
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 😛 My silly ass ... Taxi Cab Confessions | @glamorousslim @brinksboys
- My silly ass ... Taxi Cab Confessions | @glamorousslim @brinksboys
chantelchristie chantelchristie
lifeoflah - | Cali | 😂😂😂 @chantelchristie 👆👌
angeltee55 - angeltee55 Lovelyonexoxo is so right
myyblack_isbeautiful - Blackgirlsrock @lovelyonexoxo I'm sorry but she doesn't the only thing they have in common is their both fair toned chain is just breathtaking and real looking draya is weird looking
lee_bella - Pretty MORENITA😙 Is she crazy ... ^^^ @chantelchristie ! 😂😂😂
lee_bella - Pretty MORENITA😙 Next rime you come we have to link up
glamorousslim - Yvah Bilal I thought about you @lee_bella but we were ripping and running
lee_bella - Pretty MORENITA😙 I knoooo .. next time .. next time 💕 @glamorousslim
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Before last nights shenanigans 😝 Top: @topshop Skirt: @zarausa
- Before last nights shenanigans Top: @topshop Skirt: @zarausa
chantelchristie chantelchristie
lakers767 - ericlakers @chantelchristie u look beautiful
alexjr2017 - alexjr2017 Beautiful picture diva much love from Baton Rouge Louisiana happy Tuesday 😘
_silkysmoothskin - _silkysmoothskin You look soooo much better than draya!! My opinion @chantelchristie your super gorgeous ms lady!!
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 😘😘😘😘😘
chantelchristie chantelchristie
ricky19901 - Ricky @chantelchristie what's up beautiful
ms_applewhite03 - Dominique Applewhite Your hair is always so beautiful..... where do you get your hair from @chantelchristie
pepralicious - pepralicious @chantelchristie of course! 👍☝️I'll be ur first german subscriber 😁😊
kema_d - kema_d Your so beautiful
tiffanyraeharrison - Tiffany Harrison Lovely! @chantelchristie what do you do to stay in shape? Are you open to a business opportunity?