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Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Petty Pedis
- Petty Pedis
chantelchristie chantelchristie
diva__v - DIVA__♈ Those sandals...I need @chantelchristie
_angellew_ - _angellew_ @laurenhollingsworth sandals reminded me of you
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - I'm sleep tho. Full blown slumber, actually.
- I'm sleep tho. Full blown slumber, actually.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
k1ngleo_25 - I PROMISE ME IMA GRIND!!!! I wanna get to know u beautiful lady
jazzy_lately - jazzy_lately Tell these bitches Chani @chantelchristie
virgosunshine - California Born Beauty @chantelchristie not responding to bs is the best response. It's hard to I know it is but it's the best response
xoxoigorgeous - serella pickens That caption 😂😂
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Kiiinda wanna do something short and funky for fall. 🙈 Decisions decisions
- Kiiinda wanna do something short and funky for fall. Decisions decisions
chantelchristie chantelchristie
chantelchristie - Chantel Christie Hurt like hell. Good luck. @jladii28 @mrsladyosorio
jladii28 - Justina Lol I believe it!! Thanks for being honest @chantelchristie
jladii28 - Justina I might lol @mrsladyosorio
jladii28 - Justina By the way short hair looks good on you @chantelchristie 💇
mscharliebrown - 🌟 Charlie.C 🌟 Tatts are lovely★★★ @chantelchristie
al.bsure.948 - Al B Sure Oh no hair is short still looking good young one
teamstockdale - Jerseyyyyy I think your super pretty no matter what @chantelchristie
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - Master the art of observing.
- Master the art of observing.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
keeppushinlove - Karimah Perduè @nikayy_yaaboi I know this is more of a magenta color but this is the kind of undertone red you should get it you color it red
nikayy_yaaboi - Nikalena Johnson It kind of looks like the color I had once when my hair was short. It was like a violet color. @keeppushinlove
pkidd1 - Paris Kidd U are so beautiful
rodexodus - rEX You're so lovely 😍😍😍
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - 💔
chantelchristie chantelchristie
fallatah288 - Ahmed Fallatah @chantelchristie 😞💔
ms_careybabi - Carey Michael They are two black males who lives were taken simply bcz they are black in racist America they are one in the same both of them didn't deserve to be killed!!! Period
jlovelynicole - Jasmine Pitts 🌸 @minnie0502 SHOOTING IS THE VERY LAST RESORT even if he resisted arrest, ran 30 miles, stole. Shooting IS THE LAST RESORT even if they had to taser him or beat him with a stick, until they see him with a weapon that is causing threat to the officers SHOOTING IS THR LAST RESORT after all things have been exercised. You are entitled to your own opinion but he is just as innocent as Mr.martin because SHOOTING IS THE LAST RESORT.
minnie0502 - ❤️Minerva❤️💁 @jlovelynicole I completely agree with 100% that shooting should be the last resort. I agree that he didn't deserve what happen to him and it's a sad tragedy. I just don't see how they relate other than they're race. But like I said I do agree shooting should always be last resort.
nohakeem_olajuwonmom - nohakeem_olajuwonmom @naturallyfancy6 @tiffymtownsel 😩
Instagram photo by chantelchristie - pinky promise.
- pinky promise.
chantelchristie chantelchristie
its_deona - De. I needed this
nc_chick85 - Latrevette Dee-dee Alston @chantelchristie can you please DM me your email address..... Need help with something very personal and important.... Thanks love
ensxs - elise nicole Thanks boo @___hocuspocus ❤️😘