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Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - Work/friends/dinner
- Work/friends/dinner
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
ginnysimsceramics - Ginny Sims I guess those plates are ok
morecowboy - nona @jlundeeny we're about to get into some ice cream if you want to come over
mapsandnumbers - Hasko Oh. I just had the best day but ice cream with y'all would be the best. #timemachine
marshalllacount - Marshall LaCount Are there miniature animals and plants all over Big NoNo's head?
annikashipandshape - Annika Kaplan • Jeweler @ginnysimsceramics we served the salmon on your Utah self portrait 😉
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - Little cuties pre-polish
- Little cuties pre-polish
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
ameliemancini - Amelie Mancini I need a pair or two !
chelsea_lee - Chelsea Locatelli 😍😍 how does one order these? The link seemed to only send me to tumblr.
laurellore - Lauren @annikashipandshape can I order a pair of those deep u shaped babes? Like the one toward the top right. ❤️,your stud fan
h000ee - h000ee @duoroulyna 好正!
annikashipandshape - Annika Kaplan • Jeweler @jlundeeny yeah! Putting together a little selection for your shop
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - 💍!
- !
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
annikashipandshape - Annika Kaplan • Jeweler Thanks @arielealasko @aliklunick !!
belibomb - Bella Hone-Saunders Your rings are so incredible @annikashipandshape 😍😍
space_diamond_ - MEG On sale online or anywhere around olympia or Tacoma wa?
betsyhope - Betsy Hope Marr Are your pieces available online?
annikashipandshape - Annika Kaplan • Jeweler @betsyhope yes, these rings will be for sale on SHIP&SHAPE very soon :)
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - Brass hairpins headed to @shopmille ✨✨✨✨
- Brass hairpins headed to @shopmille
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
noelleoreilly - noelleoreilly Loving mine! Thank you!
shopmille - Michelle Oh yeaaaaaaahhh!
immortalyoghurt - Eli Oh! Do you ship those?
dulldiamond - dD these hairs have never fancied a hair pin more
babydeerhoof - Katie Woodling Perfect. I was just thinking I needed one
seagreensea - seagreensea @annikashipandshape picked one up, didn't think it would hold my crazy hair, totally did! They are exquisite. 💖
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - Dudes! Check out our minneapolis city guide on @designsponge today! @erinlynnsmith @maddynye
- Dudes! Check out our minneapolis city guide on @designsponge today! @erinlynnsmith @maddynye
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
luluiswho - luluiswho @annikashipandshape @erinlynnsmith @maddynye @shopmille @designsponge yes! so awesome!
libbyvanderploeg - libbyvanderploeg Aw, thanks Annika! Your work is beautiful!
blackbirdmpls - Blackbird Café Awww so nice to include the bbird! Xoxo!!
jkweaver - Janet Weaver Are prints available of this?
drinktruce - drinktruce Thank you for the shout out - in such great company! 💛
indigoandsnow - Annabella Sardelis I kinda wish you would've kept Hunt & Gather a secret @annikashipandshape
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - ☀️#paulandmaddy
- ️#paulandmaddy
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
mwmmpls - martha mcquade congrats @maddynye you look radiant:)
danciceramics - Danijela K. I don't know you .... but you are beautiful. Congrats from Switzerland
imbreannarose - Breanna Rose Congrats @maddynye!!!
polkadotclub - Polka Dot Club / Jen So happy for you @maddynye!
Instagram photo by annikashipandshape - !!! #paulandmaddy
- !!! #paulandmaddy
annikashipandshape annikashipandshape
katieemojo - Katie MoJo Is this the couple that you made the rings for? That tiny touch of turquoise is going to look amazing with her hair!
hello_lindello - kate @maddynye beauty!!
mstobyrae - mstobyrae Such a beautiful couple!
talldrinkofwhiskey - Susannah Dodge Congrats Paul and Maddy! You guys look great!
shopmille - Michelle @maddynye you are a stunning bride!! 💖