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Children and bronies dancing to techno. What hath god wrought
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  • User profile for chrisminmd

    Hide. Your. Children.

  • User profile for becca_lecca

    Oh. My.

  • User profile for raspberrypie

    There's birth control in the water there, right?

  • User profile for b_rad_is_rad12

    @ceboscuit dammit!!!!

  • User profile for ceboscuit

    @b_rad_is_rad12 I know! I need a press pass for the blog for 2014

  • User profile for b_rad_is_rad12

    @ceboscuit that little asian buddy half way through the vid is completely memorize and hilarious

  • User profile for tjortenzi

    This is incredible

  • User profile for hufflepants

    What @b_rad_is_rad12 said. Hellz yes.