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Instagram photo by mtv - @badgalriri is all about Kanye for President in 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
- @badgalriri is all about Kanye for President in 2020!
mtv mtv
saritapala - Sarah @chris_brd 😜😜
nazilaa_n - p_n riri @rihanna
7.12_70 - West Indies Jte jure bb 🙈 @postbad_mvud
remember_the_namee - Sorraya (soRYEya) Moridany America would become the worlds greatest joke
evagcb - Eva ♡ you is right @remember_the_namee
evagcb - Eva ♡ let's be serious he is not going to be the next President cuz only his familiy and some brainwashed people would vote him... He is not serious.
Instagram photo by mtv - Happy Hump Day @zayn! 🐫😍🐫
- Happy Hump Day @zayn!
mtv mtv
lona_oo - Lena Salah @rouaa95 كل سنة وانتي طيبة رورو 😂😂😂😂
xmagdaxb - Magda ♡ @princess_mccall_ 😂👏
rouaa95 - яðàà @lona_oo وانتي طيية 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rezachino - 乙乙 ZΣZΔ کسخل رو عکس اشتبا تگ کردی که
waffle.camz - parody 💘 @silvuz_ NO @zayn IS REAL
abdoon_bu - عبدون® @jedomr طلع كلامك صح 😹😹
what.about.michael - 🍥 míchαєl jαcksσn 💫 @diannanngel3 I'm not sure if I'm In the right planet
Instagram photo by mtv - The trailer for @areuthe1 has arrived! See link in our bio. This cast is bananas 🍌🍌🍌
- The trailer for @areuthe1 has arrived! See link in our bio. This cast is bananas
mtv mtv
triciialynn - @einahpetsniga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kellbell7625 - Kelly O'Connor OMG @quinn_prunty @purgatory_willies
julazari - Julia Lazari Quero ver @marinamaia
cariestuart - Carie Stuart @staciiinecole @onemoegan 😍 but idk how it will be.. The first one was so far the best
sanguinee_ - Why you edit kanyes speech
jes_sie - JC 💣 @apolsky23 @laurenrothberg
Instagram photo by mtv - Same @justinbieber, same! 📚😢
- Same @justinbieber, same!
mtv mtv
joker_19946 - The Joker @bin.dasht 😂😂😂
zeina.ram - Zeina @lena.jamshidi @l_jamshidi 😭😭
lena.jamshidi - Lena J. @zeina.ram 😭😭😭😭 so true that's why I'm not going first day
alishasharn - Hahahahah
sa_d_na - @h_parmida
sa_d_na - @mmehraneh_karimzadeh yek zaye baziye dg az justin😂
alt.q8 - #Student`♡ لا لا مش لهدرجه😂😂😂😂 @_mhaq8 😩
Instagram photo by mtv - We the millennials bruh! ✌️
- We the millennials bruh! ️
mtv mtv
soniai.alicea - Sonia Alicea @jms_91 😂😂😂😂
jms_91 - Johnny Jajajajajajajajajajajja Llama q me quiero acostar te avise va rato! @soniai.alicea
olivia__geier - Olivia Geier Hahhahaha @jenny_bertolio324
sanguinee_ - Did y'all edit mileys approriation? But yall edited kanyes speech oh...
carrotlynn - @wongderongg its Thursday bruh
wongderongg - @carrotlynn bruh w/ the american clock
teohminator - Teoh Wun Ker Everyday bruh @MTV
Instagram photo by mtv - Who else was blown away by @torikelly? 🙌
- Who else was blown away by @torikelly?
mtv mtv
apazawalter - WaltEr Apaza Se parecia a @Shakira
calcello - @omari3_ got me over here all bitter like " I knew her before she was big..yall back off!!" lol
arose513 - Amanda Rose @lilbeedle I'm saying lol @calcello hahaha yes! I feel the same :)
omari3_ - @calcello ikr like where were y'all 8 songs and half million subscribers ago ....
sanguinee_ - Why did you edit kanyes speech
veee_ - @msbex_
twomoonback - TP The best performance that night @ToriKelly :)
Instagram photo by mtv - ✨🙌🏼✨
mtv mtv
rogelyn.perez - rojaah (♡˙︶˙♡)
dreamergirly__ - Nilly For onece i like what she had said 😂😂 @ebruvhdn
ariannasdixon - Arianna 💠 @mrsmaliktomlinson2002 i like legit find a new reason to love her every single day 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍😍😍😍😔😔😔😔💕💕
sanguinee_ - Im not glad we live in a world where kanyes speech was edited
Instagram photo by mtv - What you #NeedToKnow on 9/1 from @mileycyrus, @nickiminaj, #Gotham, and #kanyewest. Get more at and @mtvnews.
- What you #NeedToKnow on 9/1 from @mileycyrus, @nickiminaj, #Gotham, and #kanyewest. Get more at and @mtvnews.
mtv mtv
x.kkk.x - oshy. @_claudiasolares
macysutcliffe - @shon.carppe 1st one
itshimagain_ - . He has already been in one previous episode.. ,mad late.!
venessafenanda - Venessa Christalia Fenanda @erichannopo_ng jokeeerrrrrr yasssss
tanyafields - u found leila rianna. THATS MY BOY👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @alex_borden
a_8157 - A @nickiminaj SLAY girl🙌💪💕
Instagram photo by mtv - These bada$$ chicks are going ✨LIVE✨ right now on MTV!! #GirlCodeLive
- These bada$$ chicks are going LIVE right now on MTV!! #GirlCodeLive
mtv mtv
gaby_212_ - G A B R I E L M O R E N O @nabeelsyed1 I'm not defensive for MTV , I don't really care what u do to them. I justvthink that u must to be reeeally bored for try to "bring down" a TV channel... I mean , u could just not watch and let the people who like it watch it...
notimeforsheep - lettruthshine @gaby_212_ you're a girl
notimeforsheep - lettruthshine @gaby_212_ what a faggot
gaby_212_ - G A B R I E L M O R E N O @notimeforsheep OMG STOP PLEASE I'M CRYING SO HARD BECAUSE OF A COMMENT FROM A GUY THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Leave me fucking alone , pathetic weirdo.
hailey.marie.mitchell - H@il3y Mitch3ll🌸 Everyone go suck a fuckin dick and stop talking. Liek for God sakes its a fuckin TV show!!!!!! Y'all are a bunch of pathetic immature losers! Jesus Christ! Get a fucking life!
Instagram photo by mtv - The freaks are coming out tonight! Tune in NOW for the series premiere of TODRICK. #TodrickMTV #MondaysOnMTV
- The freaks are coming out tonight! Tune in NOW for the series premiere of TODRICK. #TodrickMTV #MondaysOnMTV
mtv mtv
niniluv22 - nigeria knight @notimeforsheep maw bitch I pistol whip ur ass don't try me bitch @mrbrietling Fuck off bitch and so what I support homosexuality and I stand up for something u don't
mrbrietling - Birdie Brietling 🅱 @i.amdj most of the artists u mentioned are white and people like fetty wap are illiterates who make party music. Where are all the real artists like Nas, Jadakiss and Mary J Blige oh but when someone is homophobic everyone wants to complain but everyone keeps quiet when a black person is receiving racial abuse shut the fuck up with all that fake Good Samaritan bullshit
mrbrietling - Birdie Brietling 🅱 @i.amdj and if you were smart you would know that I was calling him a bitch coz he was acting like one not because he is supporting homosexuality
i.amdj - @mrbrietling first of all I was trying to be nice I actually agreed with u on some of ur points but not all of them. Mary j. Blige and jadakiss... when was the last time they put out any songs yes I know Mary j blige put out an album but that was almost two years ago and jadakiss is irrelevant as of right now...and yes most things in america they are about race but u can't keep using that as an excuse for not being promoted as an artist u have to fight for what u don't see Beyonce or other black entertainers crying over not winning awards because they're black... And last time I checked Mary j blige and jadakiss are r&b entertainers but I'm pretty sure they have both probably been on mv network and stage not because they cried because they were black but for their talent now sip on that bullshit
snro15 - 🍍🍍Stephanie N. Rosado 🍍🍍 @carylinnn mira quien encontré😁
mrbrietling - Birdie Brietling 🅱 @i.amdj you are seriously sad. Now you're going off topic. You're just here looking for arguments. I can't even be bothered to read all those paragraphs you just wrote
mrbrietling - Birdie Brietling 🅱 @i.amdj you're either stupid or you have little knowledge about the music industry but these artists put out music all the time
lindsbuono - Lindsay Buono @francappetta YAAAS WERK
Instagram photo by mtv - It's the beginning of the end (of senior year). #Awkward starts in 1 hour! 🎉🎓🎉 #MondaysOnMTV
- It's the beginning of the end (of senior year). #Awkward starts in 1 hour! #MondaysOnMTV
mtv mtv
jennikarppinen02 - @sandraklingberg I watched it
rubyy.avilaa - its not working on the app
andrea_erazotkd - Andrea Rossana Erazo @rjpadgett siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
karinaabreu14 - karina abreu @kenyaadame 😍
nattihm - Natalia Herrera Montoya @isabelallopis q mati es poyo ahora..
isabelallopis - Seville, Spain. 20 Ooohhh @nattihm q pena 😢
nattihm - Natalia Herrera Montoya @isabelallopis yo 💜 a mati pero he de decir que 💖💓💗 q un tío sufra jejeje
syzan.d - did u watch it? @fozia1103
Instagram photo by mtv - 🐸☕️
- ️
mtv mtv
michalmelaa - Michal Melamed @alexatimtschenko LMFAO
angelwings190 - Ivanna Angel ™ @themarksuki ☺😂
notcutegirlspookyskeleton - ri$$ So glad someone called Miley out. @nickiminaj is a queen 👑😍😘
kymackstitch - Lord Kyldemort @amy.gdala hahaha WHAT'S GOOD?👏👏
lucyslifestyle - Lucy @aliciafadhel I'm fucking dying
breannarizo - @taylor.nicolette
taylor.nicolette - @breannarizo mtv throwing shade like its sunnyyyyy