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Instagram media by jonyoungmusic - Kid is gettin so big. Pic taken by the Misses. @fjordanne #sony #dslr
Kid is gettin so big. Pic taken by the Misses. @fjordanne #sony #dslr
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  • User profile for jonyoungmusic

    @aball26 hey what's up! Thanks! Yours too, hope everything is ok with him.

  • User profile for pinkie1086

    @jonyoungmusic they were checking for appendicitis which thankfully was negative. Hope your son feels better as well.

  • User profile for jonyoungmusic

    @aball26 oh that's good! My wife had that and had her appendix out a couple years ago. And thanks, just a cold. Wish I woulda had some CDs in the diaper bag to give u lol

  • User profile for pinkie1086

    @jonyoungmusic glad it wasn't anything serious for either of them.. I feel for your wife I hear that's a painful experience. I told my husband about it and he said i was in right place at right time and that I should have said it was time for you to get recognition you deserved.



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