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cfritolemon's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - 👐 x 🐢
- x
cfritolemon cfritolemon
jase_sun - Jason Torres Please make this a shirt. I got ends if you sell
joegoblyn - Joe Goblyn The inside image was a better idea.
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @joegoblyn pic is the back print, looks like an old wutang tour shirt
gutttersnipe - Damien @lowbrowstrumpet I'm a member of your foot clan, Wu Tang 4ever!
lowbrowstrumpet - Toes. Tattoos. Tease. @gutttersnipe ha ha! I love it! Thank you x
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - :( 👆
- :(
cfritolemon cfritolemon
abeeone - abeeone Mattress bandit on the loose Lol! @homesnakes @lajaqui
vato_louco - Miguel Carranza @pjay323 @xbell_mtz
xbell_mtz - 🍍Christbel Martinez🍍 |3:19| @vato_louco Lol! Reminds me of yours
vato_louco - Miguel Carranza @xbell_mtz You never been close to my mattress. @pjay323 Te gusto!
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - 🔥 Sun-day 🔥
- Sun-day
cfritolemon cfritolemon
lopeza3 - lopeza3 Lol ! @steve___west @androoh9225 @ja3p33 @aliopp @chefalanm @connected421 @bvasquez3 @bullsfanbitch @r_frikin_j