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Instagram photo by cfritolemon - :(
- :(
cfritolemon cfritolemon
uhhthousand - jools. I sent that zine out, should be there Monday bruh...
likexritual - xxx @cfritolemon how do I cop?!
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @likexritual I can hook up your current mattress in exchange for lunch
_daniellozano_ - grumpy & frumpy you're very punny, one would say like big pun but smaller 😎
nnairii - nai @bottomous I don't know why this reminds me of you
edwrdd - edwrdd @cfritolemon whats your sc
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - R.I.P A$AP YAMS :*( #asapyams
- R.I.P A$AP YAMS :*( #asapyams
cfritolemon cfritolemon
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @brvinfreeze this one time he was drunk as fuck telling me I needed to go to "jumbos" next time I was in Harlem. Going to pour one out at jumbos in March.
brvinfreeze - brvinfreeze I might make my way out there in march too. Hopefully we both get to pour one out
sequinshay - Shay B. Hit Jumbos for sure!
hendroid_ - H. Maxwell Maaaan I remember this picture. So badass.
itsmisspalacios - Adriana Palacios Too dope. I remember when I first seen this pic I was lol
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - :(
- :(
cfritolemon cfritolemon
mikeyfrsh - Mikey 2 Platezz Damn you have rivals tagging your turf
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @mikeyfrsh they tagged over mine :(
mikeyfrsh - Mikey 2 Platezz That's it this means war 🚦
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @mikeyfrsh negative i come in ✌️
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - E.T 📞🏠 😍
- E.T
cfritolemon cfritolemon
13eam - 13eam Wwwwoooooaaa
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @13eam @peanutbuttergurl you should see my stained glass
peanutbuttergurl - peanutbuttergurl Is this your creation, @cfritolemon?
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @peanutbuttergurl I wish!!! Think it's from the 80s
chudbabies - Jaime Tillotson !!! I have one almost exactly like this, except he's blue and holding a can of Coors!
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @chudbabies sell it to me!
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Teaser* #LAABF limited.
- Teaser* #LAABF limited.
cfritolemon cfritolemon
artisdead - MannyX Romero Dope. Let me know if you need help and/or advice
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @artisdead yeah man, going to email you after work. Might be in your area sooner than later. Let's link up
goodwilhustlin - Willie Garcia Jr. For sure, fooo. Penciled you in 📝
_daniellozano_ - grumpy & frumpy You my friend, killing it.
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @_daniellozano_ 🙏 wait till we work on our stuff
phatdonuts - jaime barcenas Apoxie? sculpey? magicsculpt?