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Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Mondaze* selfie with Bae&Money #moneydontsleep #albumcomingsoon
- Mondaze* selfie with Bae&Money #moneydontsleep #albumcomingsoon
cfritolemon cfritolemon
gondekdraws - Matt Gondek Go hard or go home
nicmcinturff - nicmcinturff Should've slipped one of those high class mattresses under that sleepy head. 😴
hand_pulled - hand_pulled 💸💸💸💸💸💸don't 💤💤💤💤💤💤
breeeyyoonnccee - Breeyonce @cfritolemon when it's really you know
lopeza3 - lopeza3 😂😂😂😂
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - These will be done sooner than later. #snoopydogg
- These will be done sooner than later. #snoopydogg
cfritolemon cfritolemon
evelynchampagnequeen - Evelyn Champagne Queen Ohhh look, more reasons to give you my money. I literally love Snoopy AND snoop hahaha
evelynchampagnequeen - Evelyn Champagne Queen That t shirt I ordered ain't even my size but I wanted it
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @evelynchampagnequeen hahaha thank you so much 🙏⚡️
majicat - majicat @lady._.aumgn @rheannameow
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - :(
- :(
cfritolemon cfritolemon
annienguyen - Annie Nguyen Yeah I was up late and bought it - it takes a few listens but some of these beats 🔥🔥🔥✨
annienguyen - Annie Nguyen Oh btw did you get the email? Is it cool? Lemme know if you need anything else
nocturne1987 - N•<tvrn£ Lolz, The only mix tape that is a full fledged album and cost 13.00 bucks.
catoleena - Carolina🎭 Tell me the cover doesn't look like a chik fil a collab.
cocaineiagua - Bryan DrakeDefenseSquadran
goodwilhustlin - Willie Garcia Jr. Dawg, albums a banger, tho
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @goodwilhustlin link me
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @brvinfreeze haha ths Por Vida
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - HONK
cfritolemon cfritolemon
starkade - starkade Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
eguerrero562 - Edgar Guerrero Just passed by this in slauson! Lol
hand_pulled - hand_pulled Had to get a new account man..been missing these mattresses 😂
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @hand_pulled yooo haha what' up man
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - "Matt Groening" voice 🙏
- "Matt Groening" voice
cfritolemon cfritolemon
edwrdd - edwrdd Aye👌👏
sloanxkettering - sloanxkettering Glad I got mine already! Bout to hit that ebay! Hahaha #wemadeit
oscararriola - Oscar Arriola / FOTOFLOW Ha! Was he at the book fair?
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @oscararriola yeah he was hanging out checking stuff out
oscararriola - Oscar Arriola / FOTOFLOW That's dope. I just read the whole interview. It's great. I love how it covers an aspect of the Simpsons that you don't hear about too much.
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Link on bio* #fatbart #patchgame #bartsimpson #sifryborrayo #diy #ragonastick #applesauceind #laabf
- Link on bio* #fatbart #patchgame #bartsimpson #sifryborrayo #diy #ragonastick #applesauceind #laabf
cfritolemon cfritolemon
bekayel - Hi I'm Bridget Liecker This is the best thing I've ever seen @hverdak @singlehalfwhitefemale
deathfirst - Tulsa & Raleigh @fireaway @thebutterfly_jcw
thebutterfly_jcw - Jordan Wilson I want that and the dignity pin @deathfirst
blackmarketpopvintage - Miss Chanandler Bong What's the shipping time on these?
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @blackmarketpopvintage we ship daily!
hand_pulled - hand_pulled Wanna trade a pack of whatever u got still on deck for a pack back homie? (Will send some signed prints and things)💢
hand_pulled - hand_pulled Scratch that, I'll be in LA in two weeks, let's do this in person 👬
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @hand_pulled im down dude! Hit me up when you're in town
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Making some xerox enlargements for some show in SF. Anyone want some 12x18s? Holler!!!! #xerox #35mm #filmonly #cameracreeps #copies #prints #nikeair #trash
- Making some xerox enlargements for some show in SF. Anyone want some 12x18s? Holler!!!! #xerox #35mm #filmonly #cameracreeps #copies #prints #nikeair #trash
cfritolemon cfritolemon
recycled_android - recycled_android I was going to do the same thing, but I'm not sure my office copier can do that size, only my plotter.
television.jpg - television.jpg Ahh damn when is the deadline
aawkwardhandshake - Collin Michelle Bancroft How much? Ps got that pin brother! Fuckin sick, thanks bud
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @uhhthousand haven't been home in like a month. @recycled_android try staples!
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @television.jpg I think it's this Friday! Dm me your email dude. Nice meeting you in person ahaha
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @aawkwardhandshake shipping cost player. Thanks for the order 💥👊💥
aawkwardhandshake - Collin Michelle Bancroft Word! Email me

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