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Instagram photo by cfritolemon - bumper sticker coming soon🚫
- bumper sticker coming soon
cfritolemon cfritolemon
splitfelipe - Split Felipe Graffiti was illegal before it was street art
aarondelacruz - Aaron De La Cruz If it's legal it ain't graffiti. Graffiti should be about bombing, beef and bullets. Haha and black books.
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @aarondelacruz I like that graffiti that scares the shit out of you.
loww_keyy - loww_keyy Maybe just decriminalize it
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Fuck bills and responsibilities 💸
- Fuck bills and responsibilities
cfritolemon cfritolemon
dustinlane - Dustin Lane Smoking weed and eating cereal whenever you want is cool though...
chaser235 - chaser235 Please tell me that's a twin mattress.
mckennje - mckennje @mallorygilliam
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @chaser235 it's a kinds one, looking for a twin set for a "sister-sister" mattress
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - No bad for a Tuesday. #xa2 #xa1 #cameracreeps #comeup
- No bad for a Tuesday. #xa2 #xa1 #cameracreeps #comeup
cfritolemon cfritolemon
peanutbuttergurl - peanutbuttergurl This so reminds me of my sweetheart, @recycled_android!
fotophunk - fotophunk What's price looking like?
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @fotophunk dm dude or text me
_koffing - _koffing One of them for sale?? @cfritolemon
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @_koffing all of them
cruelxhabit - Arron Awww man!! How much??
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @cruelxhabit dm or text me
Instagram photo by cfritolemon - Best deals are usually packed in banana boxes. Not bad for a Sunday!!!! #35mm #disposable #comeup #bulk #cameracreeps #applesauceind
- Best deals are usually packed in banana boxes. Not bad for a Sunday!!!! #35mm #disposable #comeup #bulk #cameracreeps #applesauceind
cfritolemon cfritolemon
lalancephoto - Shit, wish we had these deals here
kevinnovales - Kevin Novales Killin it with these film come ups
juniorjaimes - juniorjaimes Bro I need some new gear lets work together
brandonscales - Brandon Scales That's a serious come up
picturesinthemail - P.I.T.M. You're the reason I stay at the thrift stores!! I'm always trying to one up you now. Damn it!! The steals are too real.
calientechica - Marilyn Rondón How did you find this?
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @calientechica monthly supply, need some?
Instagram photo by cfritolemon
cfritolemon cfritolemon
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @thatfuckerjerry that Herschel brand
thatfuckerjerry - I can't fuck with that. But I can fuck with kbbq next week. Let's make it happen!
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @thatfuckerjerry 👌
jmercado03 - Julian Mercado I've been trying to get one of those wallets that don't open or anything. But I can't bring myself to by one and not have any money to put in it haha.
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @jmercado03 what about if you can get it for $10 bucks
jmercado03 - Julian Mercado I can afford that. Haha
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo @jmercado03 haha got some if you want to swoop some
jmercado03 - Julian Mercado Text me dude. I'm free tomorrow (today) haha 6264834979
Instagram photo by cfritolemon
cfritolemon cfritolemon
cfritolemon - sifry borrayo Pretending to be a UCLA student right now 👌 #ucla #collegedropout
omashuno - 🐍 WTF? Did you go with @jamiefowler__ ? You guys took the same shot. Check out his shot, Sifry