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Instagram media by wakarusa - @thisisboombox Fan excited for their #MainStage set @ #Waka2014 📷 Cred: @electricgypsy #Wakarusa
@thisisboombox Fan excited for their #MainStage set @ #Waka2014 Cred: @electricgypsy #Wakarusa
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  • User profile for bobbie_land13

    We can say the same to you @thisisboombox

  • User profile for hannah14620

    Is this pick actually from that day? It was def raining at boombox...

  • User profile for mattstew19

    This might be from lettuce's set

  • User profile for feelintrhippie

    I face planted some mud for boombox that day, got up and kept raging.. Ahh ^_^ Boombox<3

  • User profile for tap_in_organics

    Rockin one of my hand made organically dyed third eye shirts!

  • User profile for citizensquid

    @eclecticgypsy it was so dope meeting you and Wes

  • User profile for nobadaze

    @brrittannyyy doesn't she remind of the girl we saw at bassnectar twice!? Hahah

  • User profile for brrittannyyy

    @nobadaze omg yes!