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Instagram media by wakarusa - Our beloved Waka Wheel ๐ŸŽก ๐Ÿ“ท Cred: @djstorms #Waka2014 #WakaWheel #Wakarusa
Our beloved Waka Wheel Cred: @djstorms #Waka2014 #WakaWheel #Wakarusa
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  • User profile for foreignstars

    @wakarusa I LOVE the ferris wheel, but I was very disappointed in the operator change this year. The south Africans from years previous were both friendlier and more importantly, they allowed groups of more than two or three to go up!

  • User profile for whompdaisy

    I love the Ferris wheel but the operators you used this year were super rude and wouldn't let my friend ride for no reason even tho I payed for him we weren't even on any drugs or anything.

  • User profile for whompdaisy

    Loved the guys you used last year an the previous years

  • User profile for whompdaisy

    @foreignstars in total agreement

  • User profile for kitty420love

    @monicankilu we have to ride this next year!

  • User profile for blondieee808

    We said we were gonna ride this....and we didn't @tristanthompsonlr

  • User profile for tristanthompsonlr

    We were bullshittin @blondieee5

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