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Instagram media by wakarusa - Magic Mountain 📷 Cred: @kaylaray817 #Waka2014 #Wakarusa
Magic Mountain Cred: @kaylaray817 #Waka2014 #Wakarusa
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    I wana go back soooo bad

  • User profile for eppstagram

    @chvzvtwill seriously. I don't know why we even left!! Next time, we stay and live in the mountains and become creatures of the ozark!!

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    @logandhi take me back please

  • User profile for thyduder

    Ohhhh I'm still on the mountain...maybe not physically but definitely still there! @sleven11 @spacedoutsquid @ryanmooreorless @xsunlight_dubx @jamaicobk @lowraiiinnn @javii_art @breeziedhlover

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    "Forever your home away from home" Truer words have never been spoken! Cannot wait for next year!! All my love until then!

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    @abstractroots gorgeous!

  • User profile for theonlylilred

    @murgin_purramurr or wakarusa