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Instagram media by wakarusa - Because...WWWJD? (What Would Wakarusa Jesus Do?) #Jesus #Wakarusa #Waka2014
Because...WWWJD? (What Would Wakarusa Jesus Do?) #Jesus #Wakarusa #Waka2014
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    He's the son of god @spasekase he's everywhere even in our hearts :)

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    @ttrag3 does that mean it's ok to miss BP?

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    I mean.... WWWJD? @blazelawrimore

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    The first time I saw him he was rollerblading with a PBR in hand. Lolll

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    @_hnsid @scottdq @spenswerve Remember This Guy Lmao

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    @guzzyoh9 hopefully we will see him this year! Jesus!


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