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Instagram media by wakarusa - What was you favorite show at Wakarusas in the past?
What was you favorite show at Wakarusas in the past?
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  • User profile for nativefiddle

    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Wakarusa 2012 @esmzeros @edwardsharpeband

  • User profile for okay_samaritan

    @themotet starting things back up after tribe got cancelled on the main stage last year. the dirtiest funk in all the land

  • User profile for kreep.it.trill

    @ward816logan peep this whole page

  • User profile for xfreakxforxflowersx

    Rebelution AND Snoop Dogg last year! Rebelution will never sound the same again!!!_

  • User profile for tasimusicstl

    Biscuits glowstick war 2010

  • User profile for anikanikola

    This one was definitely a favorite. Primus 2012. Best I've seen them yet. Claypool was so lively.

  • User profile for ramblinruss

    Biscuits glowstick war 2010 no doubt. Still get goosebumps

  • User profile for creatorkat

    One of the contest winners last year, "Flip-off Pirates" was one of the most pleasantly surprising. Extremely high energy.



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