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Instagram photo by bikingtoronto - #Repost @bloorcourt with @repostapp ・・・ Do you support #bikelanes on #Bloor Street? #bloorlovesbikes campaign info in Annex Gleaner January issue 👍cc #bikeTO #cycleTO #cycletoronto
- #Repost @bloorcourt with @repostapp ・・・ Do you support #bikelanes on #Bloor Street? #bloorlovesbikes campaign info in Annex Gleaner January issue cc #bikeTO #cycleTO #cycletoronto
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bjlextan - Lex Tan If they can find a way to keep bikes separate, I'm all for it. It is extremely dangerous for drivers and cyclists along many stretches of Bloor street because the roads are narrow and crowded.
bjlextan - Lex Tan Separate from car traffic. I mean.
bjlextan - Lex Tan The big thing is, though, cyclists need to follow the rules of the road just like a car would. Cyclists have to take as much responsibility for safe road usage just as cars do.
bikingtoronto - @bjlextan drivers should be more responsible. They can kill someone with a moment of inattentiveness. That's not something you can say about someone on a bike.
bjlextan - Lex Tan BOTH can be more responsible. While many drivers can be much safer, it does not help when many cyclists are not doing their part to be safe. I have seen so many cyclists not check over their shoulder before they move laterally, camping in a car's blind spot, running red lights, stop signs, and following too close to cars and bikes in front of them. Cyclists can also get themselves killed in a moment of inattentiveness. I am a former driving instructor, and the basic rules of safety on the roads for drivers shouldalso apply to cyclists.
riconroy - rick conroy @bjlextan @bikingtoronto Yes, as long as we don't lose sight of the fact the inattentiveness of the cyclist may cause the cyclist to die, while the inattentiveness of the driver may cause the cyclist to die.