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Instagram photo by nishitak - #FotoRus in my #mailbox #books #bookstagram
- #FotoRus in my #mailbox #books #bookstagram
nishitak nishitak
ajeyabchruscinski - ajeyabchruscinski You're such a contemporary woman. Really, u are!! Actually, think about it, u always were. .. love your posts& energy. Can u send me your phone number? What's the best way to send you a pm? Xx I am visiting India in Feb - B'lore. Would be lovely to see you if you can make it :)
nishitak - nishitak @ajeyabchruscinski : OMG, I am blushing here and it's great that you ate coming to Bangalore in Feb. definitely we should meet up. You can send me a mail to nishikk<at>, and I"ll respond back with phone details
Instagram photo by nishitak - Snubnose tries her hand at #grilling while K looks on anxiously
- Snubnose tries her hand at #grilling while K looks on anxiously
nishitak nishitak
nishitak - nishitak #food #foodporn
padmavathyprasanth - padmavathy Is it panner or chicken?
nishitak - nishitak @padmavathyprasanth neither, she's grilling pineapple, mushrooms and corn.
nishitak - nishitak @padmavathyprasanth oh, on the other side, there's chicken and prawn
nanman83 - nandini Ha ha kalyan jeejus expression.....
Instagram photo by nishitak - #panda #love #pandalove #nofilter
- #panda #love #pandalove #nofilter
nishitak nishitak
nanman83 - nandini Is he a panda lover
nishitak - nishitak @nanman83 serious panda lover. It is an obsession for him now
nanman83 - nandini His eyes cleary shows....