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Instagram photo by nishitak - #reading together #book #bookish #bookstagram #igreads
- #reading together #book #bookish #bookstagram #igreads
nishitak nishitak
nishitak - Just realised he's wearing her castoffs hence the pink pants and ruffled girly tee 😝
liztweetybird - Liz @nishitak we have the same here. My son gets from his elder cousins too.
Instagram photo by nishitak - Snubnose's turn to go short now ✂️ #haircut
- Snubnose's turn to go short now ️ #haircut
nishitak nishitak
liztweetybird - Liz Where is this place?
nishitak - Hakim's Aalim Brunton road
nishitak - And @liztweetybird when we meeting up?
liztweetybird - Liz @nishitak I have no idea where is Brunton road :( my phone went off. Need to get a new phone. Will ping u on whatsapp after that.
premavk - Very sweet. Suits her