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Instagram photo by nishitak - #Christmas is here
- #Christmas is here
nishitak nishitak
nanman83 - nandini Redaholic season this month......
ajeyabchruscinski - ajeyabchruscinski Hey, Nish so do u live in Bangalore?? Not Chennai?
nishitak - nishitak @ajeyabchruscinski I live in Bangalore
ajeyabchruscinski - ajeyabchruscinski Awesome!!! WILL Def make the catch up hell easy for you!! My Mom and I would like to go shopping for sarees n some formal wedding wear salwar kameez... Any suggestions?@nishitak
nishitak - nishitak @ajeyabchruscinski hooboy, I'm not very good at shopping, but Deepam silks and Nalli have some very good silk sarees and dress materials