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Instagram photo by newyorkcity - What are you most thankful for?
- What are you most thankful for?
newyorkcity newyorkcity
jannneeeett - ⛅️ @paty_yanez1 yesssss
liorbieber_x - Liσя вιєвєя 💜 Hier gaan we over 2 jaar picknicken @xannavdam
chuckcloninger - chuckcloninger My health. I'm 70 and feel 35. Nothing I can't do now that I could do then. My 11 yr old son and I just finished 14 mile hike and decided to do 5 days on the Appalachian Trail next summer. Thank God!
colorofnewyork - New York Photographer 💚💕 Great shot!
twinsmoda - Irina HAIR STYLIST 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - The sky was on 🔥 tonight.
- The sky was on tonight.
newyorkcity newyorkcity
slicc973 - Slicc That's a beautiful view!!!!
goktaybasturk - Göktay Baştürk colours of nyc 🌃🍁 @newyorkcity ..
colorofnewyork - New York Photographer #love 💚❤️💚
lulu_02 - Lulu oh my god i want back 😩 favorite place ❤️
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - @247ls launched Cycle over a year and a half ago to provide a solution for efficient content creation for brands. It's been an incredible ride so far and I couldn't be more proud and inspired by our talented influencers.  Last week, we proudly announced that @bycycle will now operate as its own independent media company. In doing so, we've also added over 1,500 athletes to our global influencer network. By pairing the most talented creators with the most talented performers, we are able to produce highly sharable content. Every month, across the network, @bycycle's influencers publish well over 50,000 pieces of content, delivering more than 3 billion views. And, we're just getting started.  Check out @jasonwstein's Medium article for more! [link in bio]
- @247ls launched Cycle over a year and a half ago to provide a solution for efficient content creation for brands. It's been an incredible ride so far and I couldn't be more proud and inspired by our talented influencers. Last week, we proudly announced that @bycycle will now operate as its ...
newyorkcity newyorkcity
colorofnewyork - New York Photographer 💚❤️💕So amazing! 👏
seraina_linda - Seraina omg only 3 days left my bestie !!! #loveyou #excited #omg #looooootoflove #bestfriend @ninc.x
ninc.x - #omg#lessthan3days#cantwait#soexcited#loveyoumybestie#bestfriend ♥️♥️ thankyou !!@seraina_linda
yoji06 - Jordanco Zuzarovski Just breathtaking , I literally love every single photo u post from NYC👌✌
stephanie_smn - 🇭🇺❤️🇺🇸 One of the best memories! ☺️ @dzsaa
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - Mornings like these make me fall back in love with the city all over again. 🍃🍂🍁
- Mornings like these make me fall back in love with the city all over again.
newyorkcity newyorkcity
sandrabedros - @christinajjar 😍😬🍾😉😘🤗🍕🍷🍾🍾🗽✈️🛩
christinajjar - Christina @sandrabedros love the champagne and blink 👻👻👻
mariol15 - Mariol @keygabyramirez no dejen d ir a central park es lo más bello de ny
burcuferitergun - BERTEKİN @hsaglamturk bugun ve daima olmak istedigim yer 🇺🇸🍁
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - World Series, Game 5. Let's go @mets! #worldseries
- World Series, Game 5. Let's go @mets! #worldseries
newyorkcity newyorkcity
run4fungirl61 - Darcy Love my Mets❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼
laurentaylorgrant - Taylor Grant @bcarroll11 @rjccarroll
mz.brittz - Brit Tuh-nee 🌾 Check this dope page @jonny_clipz
vacationwolf - V A C A T I O N W O L F © This is definitely first rated!
worthalex - Alex Worth We will be going to one of these games 😊😎😱😻 @zara.e_
zara.e_ - zara || shac Yessss @worthalex
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - My favorite time of year. #🍃🍂
- My favorite time of year. #
newyorkcity newyorkcity
rafaellanhas - Rafael Ls Q sds desse lugar @renatadimasi
barnsy__ - Alex Barns @shannenbuckland
lulyyym_ - Lourdes Martinez @sneysney10 😭😭😭
daisy_villafan - 🌸Daisy🌸 @aileen_r99 3-5 more years
pinarsabanci - pinarsabanci My city ❤️ in love 😍😘 @ilhansabanci
liviawiola - liviawiola Amazing! 😎😎😎
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - A night at the World Series. @mets #💯
- A night at the World Series. @mets #
newyorkcity newyorkcity
duda_mira - Maria Eduarda de Mira @pfvorjulia N To nem aí, só sei que tu vai, nem que seja amarrada, sua puta ❤️
crisbarracarvalheira - @pgcarvalheira vamos assistir qdo tivermos la?? 😉
leppa85 - @milenabele I wanna go back to the baseball
llarriissaa - lari !!! @jacksonjmcpartland
bea28 - Kansas Royal are going to win the World Series
wes_tarca - New York City We'll always have game 3
ro_lechuga - A un partido de esos tmb tenemos q ir 😌 @miguelmartos17
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - To new beginnings. 💥
- To new beginnings.
newyorkcity newyorkcity
rtj62 - Russ Great shot 👏
emiliorodgar - Emilio Rodgar Youre gonna loooooove this @laurahasbun
sinevsky - Vladislav Sinevsky Always when I see this place -I'm starting dream
lils_711 - Lilly🌼 @eric_lechon literally lets get an apartment in New York
eric_lechon - Eric Lechon ♋️ @lils_711 lets do it 🙌🏼
aww.marissa - #20☁️ Ahhhhhh @_zoe_deleon_
jurij_goerzen - Jurij Görzen Besutiful work, just amazing 😊
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - ✌🏻out, Istanbul! @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- out, Istanbul! @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
u_cankirli - I love your gallery!
liviawiola - liviawiola ❤️👀
lipoturkey - Liposculpture in Turkey It's irreplaceable city...
ministyleefe - Efe 🙋 Emir 👶 Woow istanbul ❤❤❤👍✌👏
s_makic - @smokin_on_exotic
s_makic - @thisnigga_vee make sure we go wherever this is when I come
thisnigga_vee - thisnigga_vee @s_makic got chu lil nigga
s_makic - ✊ @thisnigga_vee
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - One of my favorite photos from my trip. 🏃🏻 @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- One of my favorite photos from my trip. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
lida.s21 - lida بسیار زیبا
_capulcucan_ - Can. 😊 I love my city. Welcome to Istanbul.
metalikali - Blue Dreamer Come to the light boy come to the light 👻💫🍃✔✔✔ @newyorkcity awesome capture
golden.barber - Golden Barber Sweet. Nyc up way up?
rlopera45 - RAYMOND LOPERA Not NYC. Istanbul!
guide_for_istanbul - Murat Gurer Suleymaniye Mosque....
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - Blown away by the beauty of the Hagia Sophia. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- Blown away by the beauty of the Hagia Sophia. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
hulyasofia - HülyaSofia @bettykb: they do tell that over there! Everybody knows that and you still see relics in the church!? You know this just happens. I dont say it is good but it happens.. The Mezquita of Cordoba was a mosque before the Christians invaded Cordoba in the 13th century and turned it into a cathedral. It is a beautiful cathedral with arabic influences. The opposite of the Haghia Sophia. ...
harmonia_l - Harmonia The truth hurts @hulyaozguner1. Yes that is the legacy of Muslim Turks - invaders. It is time for the tourki to face up to their crimes of the past and present. The evidence is there. Everyone knows the truth. It is time to acknowledge that the so called turkey land was not yours for the taking. There were civilisations there that were wiped out by the ottomans - the Armenians Greeks Kurds. They are older than the ottomans. The ottomans came from elsewhere and invaded. It's time to return to your roots. You were a Christian before you became a Turk. If you didn't care you wouldn't comment. The relics and the legacy of the so called turkey land does not belong to Muslim Turks. How very sad.
harmonia_l - Harmonia If Turks had respect and peace they would not invade other countries including Cyprus. The relics you find there are Greek. The people are Greek. The Turks sent people from mainland 'turkey' to invade and claim it as theirs. Crime.
harmonia_l - Harmonia Plus if you personally had respect you would not use Christ's name in vain.
hulyasofia - HülyaSofia @harmonia_l am born in Holland this is my homeland. My parents live here longer than you probably exist. My husband is catholic and I have 2 Spanish sisters in law and also a kurdish, Danish and italian one. I feel blessed that we dont think like you do. We all have respect for each others religion and ancestors. Because of people like you IS exists. ..They are as stupid as you are. I have to work. No time for this bullshit
hulyasofia - HülyaSofia I see why you only have 5 followers. Nobody is interested in you
harmonia_l - Harmonia You feel the pain of the truth. It will always haunt the tourki.
hulyasofia - HülyaSofia You are probably Greek no? Like Betty😊 . We live here and now. Change the world by changing yourself. Make it a beter place. Stop being agressive and a racist. I went to Greece 2 years ago and I really regret it because of the people. Most of them were just like you. I wanted to buy a bag and the man started to talk about the Turks how bad they are etc. As if I or my family did that to him. So sad. I didn't buy the damn bag. And I never go back again although I was in love with the beauty of your country. San Torini is still on my to go list but I am scared to go there because of people like you. ...
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - The colorful streets of Bebek.💜💛💙 @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- The colorful streets of Bebek. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
juliana_hc - Juliana @yigitsoy can we stay at one of these places when I visit??? @senem_y
glenda_bruce - Glenda | Vcr | Enjoying Life Loving colour chances creating moods!!! 🎀💙💖🌎
kubrasolmaz - This is Istanbul!!! 😍
keskins - keskins Colourful bebek, baby 🎈
blankh_official - B L A N K H Lovely! 😊 👍
feride_solak_ny - Did you see other cities of turkey like historical sights?
myruca_ - mai @alecpatwell
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - Beauty in every direction. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- Beauty in every direction. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
farnoodtaghavian - 📌◽Farnood @s3p3hr 😄😄😄
2travelntaste - 2travelntaste @newyorkcity lovely city right?
bettykb - Really? @onurbing is that why you live in New York City? Because many Jewish people live there too...I guess holocaust never happened either?
onurbing - Onur Bingol As far as I know, it happened in Germany! @bettykb
bettykb - So what do you call the killing millions of Armenians Greeks and Assyrians by the Turks, if not a genocide?
bettykb - @onurbing
chruselbeeri - Neslihan @ylztngl görelim - süleymaniye camii
ylztngl - Töngellerden Yeliz Gezelim @chruselbeeri
Instagram photo by newyorkcity - Just hangin' around Istanbul. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
- Just hangin' around Istanbul. @turkey_home #turkeyhome #nycgoestoistanbul
newyorkcity newyorkcity
fatih1kaya - Fatih Kaya @newyorkcity we want buldıng full mosque photo 👀
ademayten - hey how long will u stay in istanbul?
rick_armstrong - Rick Kivie Armstrong @newyorkcity get images 💪👍👍👍
rick_armstrong - Rick Kivie Armstrong @newyorkcity ***great images ☺
begumdizen - @newyorkcity You should visit Dolmabahçe Palace. (Beşiktaş/İstanbul) You can go until Kabataş by tramway.After tramway,You walk 100 meter and You will see Dolmabahçe Clock Tower.There's ticket office. That's all Have a good holiday :)
eserwestt - EserWestLovers I live in Istanbul, but I understand the tourists who want to come to Istanbul. New York london go to places like France Germany Spain Italy ✈️🗽🇺🇸✈️ please let's change our life if you are willing to live in Istanbul: D (İstanbul'da yaşıyorum ama İstanbul'a gelmek isteyen turistleri anlayamıyorum. New York london Fransa Almanya İspanya İtalya gibi yerlere gidin ✈️🗽🇺🇸✈️ İstanbul'da yaşamak isteyen varsa yaşamlarımızı lütfen değiştirelim :d )