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Amy Bruni


Instagram photo by amybruni - #obsessedwiththomas #choochoofolife
- #obsessedwiththomas #choochoofolife
amybruni amybruni
bgirlsquirrel - bgirlsquirrel Awww!!! She is so cute!!! Both my kiddos loved Thomas :)
canongirl03 - SLM Photography Both my nephews loved/love Thomas. Aden's 12 now and too old for it, but Kaisyn is almost 2 and LOVES Thomas! 🚂
gripper1970 - Tim Griffiths Awww she is so cute ;)
dessie89 - Desiree Baker Too bad kids don't get to grow up with the original Thomas.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @dessie89 speak for your own kids. ;) that's all she watches and reads
Instagram photo by amybruni - Bubble hunting.
- Bubble hunting.
amybruni amybruni
alexdimatos - Alex Dimatos That's just cruel...hunting bubbles for sport like that #stopbubblecruelty
jessicalblevins - Jessica Blevins She's simply beautiful (yes even the back of her head) 😊 lol
heatherpilar - heatherpilar How cute! So precious!
jenxtreed - jenxtreed Lol @alexdimatos
_ash_88 - 💕Muñeca👄 Haha thw perfect squat!! #asstograss
Instagram photo by amybruni - Someone's first fried dough experience. "Yummmmmmmy"
- Someone's first fried dough experience. "Yummmmmmmy"
amybruni amybruni
juniperoknits - Christy Lisak My daughter had her first fried dough today too! Churros
melinda_g_au - Mel G Very cute! 😊
k_fred13 - Kenny Silvia Did the truck pulls scare her?
blaistom - Ralph Lockwood Your little girl is growing up too quick Amy!
thekokobean - Christine Lopes I went last night. My daughter had a great time :) it looks like you did too.
tanabana22 - tanabana22 Love her shirt! I had the same one for my daughter! I was so sad when she outgrew it!
Instagram photo by amybruni - Home sweet home. Charlotte is reading her books I brought her from the Getty....and Zoe is being a little stalkerish.
- Home sweet home. Charlotte is reading her books I brought her from the Getty....and Zoe is being a little stalkerish.
amybruni amybruni
grayhorse - grayhorse Yay! You made it back on the standby! So happy we got to hang and that you made it back to babygirl.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @grayhorse yes, thank goodness! See you next time! Hopefully, soon! :)
missamericatpa - Laura Abrams @amybruni when you're gone and come back, does she light up and run for you? That's how I pictured you'r welcome. ☺ I bet Zoe takes good care if her while you're gone
tarasuzann - Tara Tallarico @amybruni Renoir? She's growing up cultured which is exactly my philosophy with my daughter. Thanks for sharing the adorable photo.
julie1957 - Julie Criswell So wonderful when kids are brought up loving books...not enough of that're a great mamma😊
ravenquinn - Raven Quinn Glad you guys made it onto the earlier flight! Was so good to see you! 💜
Instagram photo by amybruni - This place really is stunning. I could have spent a couple days there.
- This place really is stunning. I could have spent a couple days there.
amybruni amybruni
snapfotos - Erin Griffiths You need a couple days to explore the entire thing. There's so much to see!
canongirl03 - SLM Photography You should check out the Getty Villa in Malibu.
rachelspring - Rachel Spring Yeah, the Getty Villa is amazing too!
paupol51 - paul Great place
wyattsmom71511 - Jillian Carr I just saw Adam's pic! I left a message telling him that I believe Angie Harmon was there recently. She had posted a pic of herself doing the same pose as the statue laying on the steps. ...or whatever that statue is supposed to be doing!
gypsy_soulyogi - Meredith That sculpture is in The Touileries in Paris too :)
Instagram photo by amybruni - Tourists on the tram!
- Tourists on the tram!
amybruni amybruni
rustyswife - rustyswife What is the brand of your glasses? I need new ones and really like your glasses!
paupol51 - paul Where is this?
mandy_lea82 - Amanda Wyatt Right off the 405 In los angeles
iamdianadee - Diana Dee Can't wait to try it!
amybruni - Amy Bruni @iamdianadee it's so great!!! Lots of kids here!!! Sorry I didn't have the chance to see you guys, but we will be back :)
lakerangel14 - Sarah Park that's a fun place to go.
iamdianadee - Diana Dee Haven't gone there yet, but will take the kids soon for sure. Missed you and hopefully we'll see you the next time. We won't be in LA for much longer so keep me posted!
eabbott09 - Elizabeth Abbott @amybruni love the getty center :) hope you guy's enjoyed it
Instagram photo by amybruni
amybruni amybruni
kypasos - katherine pasos My aunt was the head curator there!
sandinha75 - Sandy @lovelyymari This is where we have to go!
skgabel - Susan My friend amara works there!!
shadow0578 - Jason @amybruni I love that place. The garden is so beautiful
jessicajaninem - Jessicajaninem Great choice for SoCal! I have yet to spend a full day there. I've only spent a few hours for whatever reason. 16th century sculpture, art, and even furniture pieces makes me wanna touch 😄
jessicajaninem - Jessicajaninem I did touch a little btw, no alarms went off though lol
Instagram photo by amybruni - Tomorrow I'm home to what matters most. This trip has been rough in the missing my daughter department.
- Tomorrow I'm home to what matters most. This trip has been rough in the missing my daughter department.
amybruni amybruni
robert_perra - Robert Great pic! 😊👍
paupol51 - paul Get home quick
tonyvelez - tonyvelez I'd stop for a brunette. But I'd back up 10 miles for a redhead, @amybruni!
sim0n40 - Simon Smith Stunning x @amybruni
lizgroesbeckphotog - Liz OMG amy our girls have the exact same color and curls and they're like the same age. Tagging u in a pic.
r51draura_amy - Amy Lou Broadley That is such a beautiful picture
angelonwheels524 - Angie Smith I'm sure she missed you too Amy. Hopefully not to much longer and you and snuggle up with your precious Angel
Instagram photo by amybruni - Dinner with some of my favorites! @adamberry @juliemcniven @david_blue @dblackanese
- Dinner with some of my favorites! @adamberry @juliemcniven @david_blue @dblackanese
amybruni amybruni
mammalind - Amanda Lind Got my Gemini constellation necklace from your shop today-Loooove it!!
nstalnecker - Nick S. Tonight on Stargate: Ghost Hunters, the TAPS team investigates the Ancient ship Destiny...
carolinagurl0012 - Ashley  I thought that was Lionel Richie for a minute! Hahaha!!
lizplawman - lizplawman I haven't seen Mr. X for awhile, did I miss something.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @lizplawman might want to scroll back in the photos before asking silly questions ;)
lizplawman - lizplawman Okay sorry I have and must have missed them. Have a great weekend
svthoff - svthoff How do you know Julie? Loved her on SPN!!
Instagram photo by amybruni - Look who's here! @adamberry
- Look who's here! @adamberry
amybruni amybruni
faestruck - Nancy E. Heath I love you two! The dynamic seems so fun!
r51draura_amy - Amy Lou Broadley Love seeing u two together ur really beautiful im so jealous
janisultranoia - Paola Love you guys, hope to see u soon in Italy! 😘
coffeebean64 - Mary Ann You two are the cutest not a couple, couple ever. Lol
lourachan - Laura I love your hair Amy! And you two look very nice!
Instagram photo by amybruni - #nerdalert
- #nerdalert
amybruni amybruni
amybruni - Amy Bruni @losmithbicky Versace, LensCrafters had a 40% sale! ;)
tonydpostman - Tony Blas Sexy and you know it ;)
eryn15 - Eryn Varano I have the very same glasses :) love them.
rseagrave42 - Bobby Love your look!
adambelson82 - adambelson82 Natural beauty! Love it.
sim0n40 - Simon Smith Pretty damn gorgeous hun xx @amybruni
kmh444 - Kayla I have been trying to find glasses just like those where did u get them at?
Instagram photo by amybruni - Goodnight, palm trees.
- Goodnight, palm trees.
amybruni amybruni
idahomae - Paige @winneypb @burning_the_trees_ but she's not done hunting ghosts ;) she said she'll still do events. The amount of traveling for the show was just too much.
burning_the_trees_ - TBotFA To bad. Me and my friend loved her on the show. And after they lost grant, it got all messed up.
pamora68 - Patty M But...I'm pretty sure she said she is on the next season of Ghost Hunters because they've already filmed them.
paupol51 - paul Beautiful scene
starlight612 - starlight612 Hotel California album cover!!
Instagram photo by amybruni - Time to wind down. What a day!
- Time to wind down. What a day!
amybruni amybruni
tree_huggin_mamacita - Charity Sending you restful vibes!
briannamairhart - Bri Airhart Welcome back to Cali! Yay!
cuban_cutie_thats_me - 😎 @amybruni nothing like a chilled glass of white wine to relax and unwind!
christopherflwdc - Chris Piper Did you notice the heart shape in the wine glass! Love is intoxicating! Lol
sdally05 - Shanna Dallmeyer Time to wine down. :)
molicious75 - Melissa Spielman There's a heart in the glass of wine.
Instagram photo by amybruni - Mommy/daughter lunch date at Le Ruby Tuesday.
- Mommy/daughter lunch date at Le Ruby Tuesday.
amybruni amybruni
selahdejah - Selah Look at her. She's ace at selfies already
jocelynhillman - Jocelyn Hillman Ohh Miss Charlotte... you're just so darn cute!! Amy you HAVE to come to York, PA so we can do a play date for the kids!!! :-))
cmcbybeverly - Beverly De Annunzio @amybruni where can I send you and your family gifts? I crochet and I've been dying to make you guys some Oakland A's inspired beanies ;)
taoofsuz - Suzi Duke Charlotte looks so much like her daddy!
page1122 - Martha Page She is so precious
mamasnoflake - mamasnoflake Beauty Queens! 👑