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Instagram photo by amybruni - Hi, I'm Olaf.
- Hi, I'm Olaf.
amybruni amybruni
tattoo.mich.71 - Awww! Too cute!
david_blue - David Blue Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
susanmay65 - Susan May Awwww cutie pie
ljfoor4444 - My heart just melted.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @david_blue thanks for the ear worm, Blue! 😘
risomom - Precious doll.
Instagram photo by amybruni - The good news is, in two weeks, I'll be headed to Florida. πŸŒ΄πŸŒžβ›±
- The good news is, in two weeks, I'll be headed to Florida. β›±
amybruni amybruni
msmphelps - Miriam Mason Phelps But the best news is, in just over a month you'll be heading to WA!
tlo86 - TLo86 Beautiful
cammie1977 - cammie1977 This picture is amazingly beautiful! I love snowy pictures!! ❄❄
prangrad - Beautiful ❄️❄️❄️
mgestyk12 - mgestyk12 The good news is, that's a beautiful shot. Well done.
mommytokandm - What a gorgeous view ❄️
Instagram photo by amybruni - Headed to Target in Thomas the Train. I know you're all jealous.
- Headed to Target in Thomas the Train. I know you're all jealous.
amybruni amybruni
jpbirdsley - J.P. Birdsley Uh oh the girl loves to shop lol
aimeenarrington - Aimee Arrington I just love your posts with Charlotte! She is soooo adorable!
a_stinky_dryer_sheet - Pete Bell "yeah" I...Can't....even....right now.
goldenhollywoodlover - Marlene Conley That is so precious, Amy...You are a great Mom !!!
ozluvr - ozluvr You're an awesome Mom and she is just beautiful!!
cincigal5 - Hilary Hopkins This is so darn cute! πŸ’—
Instagram photo by amybruni - space (I believe in) space
- space (I believe in) space
amybruni amybruni
jess_mendenhall - Jess Mendenhall We have that same one and my 3 year old loves it
tlo86 - TLo86 She is amazing
brianfoust1 - Brian Foust I wish all my grown up puzzle pieces were that big.
emmie.yk - Taken By L.GπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜† That puzzle is outta this world!
doslibroscorazon - Sylvia Limon Awesome! I love puzzles too! 😁😎
rudedeck - My little man would love that puzzle.
whspering - Wh Spering Ah! Piecing together the puzzles of the Universe πŸ˜‰
amybruni - Amy Bruni @kevin_maliszewski nice catch ;)
Instagram photo by amybruni - New on the blog! Check it out at :) #MySpiritedLife
- New on the blog! Check it out at :) #MySpiritedLife
amybruni amybruni
juliehayes81 - Julie Of course it is, and your kids πŸ˜‚.
hapeedora - jayjay I would love a holiday by myself.....I would also like to pee by myself 😩
heathermae_ormaenot - Heather Mae Thanks for the inspiration.
amy_solomonik - Amy Solomonik My husband is a homebody and I love to travel. We have three children and sometimes I take all three of them with me and sometimes two of them and sometimes one of them. Sometimes I go without them. On very rare occasions, my husband and I go on a trip just the two of us and on even rarer occasions all five of us go. I can't imagine not having all of the travel options that our family has decided to have! We would never go anywhere if we waited for everyone to agree to go at the same time!
evilpinkrobot - Wendy Estrada-Woodcock A professor once told my class, that the secret to a great marriage is separate vacations. 😁 One day I will.
Instagram photo by amybruni - Today's epiphany on πŸ˜‚ #MySpiritedLife
- Today's epiphany on #MySpiritedLife
amybruni amybruni
mrstennessewhiskey13 - Natalie Precup @amybruni is that an app?
amybruni - Amy Bruni @mrstennessewhiskey13 nope, it's my blog :)
stacia_1978_ - stacy I hate gyms, too. I use @fitnessblender website. They have hundreds of free workouts. Mostly don't even need equipment except weights.
cara_and_chase - CaraπŸ‘©Chase🐢 I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I type, your blog doesn't come up. I'm on my iPad but that shouldn't matter.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @cara_and_chase weird, that's the first I've heard of that. Been coming up fine for everyone else. :/
jillybean_76 - Jill Humphrey πŸ’• Same thing here when I type in the web address, blog doesn't show up. Was wondering where you got the cute jammies on this post?
Instagram photo by amybruni - Watching #thexfiles while beautifying myself. I think Mulder would like this. #monsteroftheweek
- Watching #thexfiles while beautifying myself. I think Mulder would like this. #monsteroftheweek
amybruni amybruni
whspering - Wh Spering Elephant woman haha
weehamarek - Tina Marek Did you think it was so stupid? I guess it's gonna be a comedy show!
m31andro - Andro Meda U have nice eyes
kimtagaygay - kimtagaygay ' hey @amybruni I'm a fan of ghost hunters from Phillipines... I miss u and the cast too... Looking forward to see u in another season.. 😊 πŸ˜€
maddie.viens_727 - Maddie Viens I thought this weeks episode of the x-files was hilarious!! I loved the "Monster" in this weeks episode. So far the 10th Season has been awesome πŸ˜‰ Glad you appreciate X-files @amybruni πŸ‘πŸΌ
dp4488 - 😳
bucknekett22 - Patrick Morris Are the lambs still crying? @amybruni
mattmaz2 - Matt Ghost ! πŸ˜‚
Instagram photo by amybruni - Kung Fu Panda 3 is about to happen. #kungfupanda3
- Kung Fu Panda 3 is about to happen. #kungfupanda3
amybruni amybruni
heyitstaylormaree - Taylor Guillerme-Beaumont πŸ’œ I may be 20 but I absolutely love Kung Fu Panda! ☺️
heathermae_ormaenot - Heather Mae Amy and Adam... the younger years.
amybruni - Amy Bruni @onganosrus well good thing you weren't at the movies with us. Lol
darlingrl75 - Mindy Windholz We saw it yesterday; the animation is gorgeous.
chelseassims - Chelsea's Sims I saw it on Friday and just loveddddd it!
megbrown2486 - Meg Brown @keg1982 Yay!!! 🐼🐼🐼
onganosrus - Christine Ongano @amybruni lol...I know, right? Was it good? I love all the cartoons...Idk what happened with that one
Instagram photo by amybruni - New blog post about cruising up at #MySpiritedLife! #cruising #carnival #carnivalpride @carnival
- New blog post about cruising up at #MySpiritedLife! #cruising #carnival #carnivalpride @carnival
amybruni amybruni
02ajh - Alex Hazelwood Ive been on 2 Cruises and loved them. You will not want to get off that ship at the end.
a_s_s - β™“οΈπŸŒ»β˜€οΈπŸ™ you should add the link to your new blog on your IG bio thing πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸš’
lonipoore40 - Loni Olson Poore I loved reading your blog , keep up the great work 🌹🌹
amybruni - Amy Bruni @a_s_s I leave my actual business in the bio. People can type in my blog :)
Instagram photo by amybruni - I promise, we usually dispose of our spiders humanely. πŸ˜„πŸ•·
- I promise, we usually dispose of our spiders humanely.
amybruni amybruni
cara_and_chase - CaraπŸ‘©Chase🐢 So cute! I agree with Charlotte, it needs to go swimming in the toilet!
debihen - Debbie H Oh that sweet girl speaks to my heart. I'm siding with Miss Charlotte....toilet sounds like a grand idea to me too.
tish326 - Tisha Bell She is the cutest thing ever!!!
mystormteam - barbara sinclair I'm with Charlotte!!!
runningdeer60 - Maria Ares She's wonderful! Get that spider...icky!!
kathyleung2 - Kathy she is just to funny
callingalldabasicbitches - Jessie Winona-Yo-Momma @alicenarae my child one day will say the same thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Instagram photo by amybruni
amybruni amybruni
veronicazemke - Veronica Zemke You both get more beautiful every day!
juliehayes81 - Julie Gorgeous pic. 😍
celtic_gurl - Teri Prause Her personality is adorable
realloganwalker - Logan Walker Stunning, @amybruni! 😍
kjlusch - Old souls. Both of you. πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸ’–
stamperaz - Precious!
Instagram photo by amybruni - Child prodigy with a slight #PawPatrol obsession. πŸ˜‚
- Child prodigy with a slight #PawPatrol obsession.
amybruni amybruni
airpic33 - Erica Uphouse My puppies love #pawpatrol ... Ok so do my husband & I lol
ja9.marie - Janine Gordon Hodges My grandson loves paw patrol and he's good at puzzles ( almost 5)
thatcrazyguy1980 - Give it a year or two and it will change to something different
musicalpainting - Sheri Same with my 5yo!!!
mcz530 - mcz530 My daughter has the same puzzle set and obsession with paw patrol. lol I feel you Amy.
saraboo81 - Sara Bosowicz I just bought the same puzzles for my boys
tjkosh - Tobi My daughter was the same way at that age, now she is 13 and we do the BIG puzzles (1500+ pieces) together!! She is adorable Amy, cherish every moment because they grow up way too fast!😒
mydogdaisy_ - Oh my gosh, I just saw paw patrol at build a might want to "pretend" I never told you that! ;-)
Instagram photo by amybruni - My new blog! ❀️
- My new blog! ️
amybruni amybruni
janeyhoerner - jane I couldn't subscribe
missjilllett - jill Trying to subscribe but I can't. Sigh. Lol
dobbyrask - debi It won't let me subscribe
lindamgoins - Ditto. Can't subscribe. 😒
amybruni - Amy Bruni The subscribe functionality is being added. For now, you won't miss a thing as long as you follow me on social media :)
realloganwalker - Logan Walker @amybruni Thank you so much for doing this blog! I know you receive comments like this one every single day, but you and Mr. X are such inspirations to me. The part you wrote about him working two jobs is definitely something I, and so many others, can relate to. I have been a fan of yours for a long time, but after reading the beginning of your blog, I can't wait to see the places you go. ☺
Instagram photo by amybruni - Fondue magic at @jtremaine's house. My agenda tomorrow now includes immediately acquiring a fondue pot.
- Fondue magic at @jtremaine's house. My agenda tomorrow now includes immediately acquiring a fondue pot.
amybruni amybruni
weispfenning - Kelly Weispfenning Bertens Looks so good! I've only done fondue using broth, meat, and veggies.
shadow_foodie - Cira R. ColΓ³n Looks good ! Great presentation!
clcottrell2630 - cja230 That's something I haven't had in a long time. Looks very yummy!!
realloganwalker - Logan Walker Looks delicious! Now I have to get one. πŸ˜‚ @amybruni
hunkinspoon - Leslie Ostick Looks good enough to eat
cree_hummingbird - Heidi Bolibruck Looks good. My husband and I used to fondue every New Years Eve.
mattmaz2 - Matt Cheese fondue is THE BEST !!! Use Emmenthal & Grueyer cheese. Hungry now dammit lol !
Instagram photo by amybruni - I can't. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
- I can't.
amybruni amybruni
liannec2013 - Lianne Carlisle Oh my goodness, cuteness overload!!!! πŸ’•
lisam713 - OML! I can't take the cuteness.
raesharm - Sharon Rae @amybruni Your wee angel is making her own wee snow angel. How cute is Charlotte?? Stay safe and warm. From a wet and windy south west Scotland #wenevergetdecentamountsofsnow #doyouwannabuildasnowman ⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄
infinitynd - Nida Strickland Mastering the snow angel!!!
shadow_foodie - Cira R. ColΓ³n She's so cute! Great snow angel !
sylkayt - Sylvia Tibbs Cutest snow Angel ever.πŸ‘Ό
Instagram photo by amybruni - So much warmer today. We played in the snow until we couldn't feel our toes! β˜ƒ Supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow, so this will all melt...
- So much warmer today. We played in the snow until we couldn't feel our toes! β˜ƒ Supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow, so this will all melt...
amybruni amybruni
beckyngary - beckyβ™₯gary I wish I was there... It's so warm here! Can you say my kid wear shorts to school today!! I'm not joking 😳
miwaogletree - Miwa Ogletree I can't believe how quickly she's growing! It seems like it was just yesterday when she was in your tummy! ;-)
ernie.cordell - Ernest Clayton Cordell, Jr. That looks like a nice jacket.
poppyladyforever - Poppyladyforever So much fun!!! They are simply fascinating. So smart and cute!!
jlclouser - I wish I could say ours will all melt! We god 31 inches here in Pa!! πŸ˜¬β˜ƒ
realloganwalker - Logan Walker We got 2, just 2, inches of snow, but almost an inch of ice. It was pandemonium. @amybruni
dsphillip78 - Phillip Sooo... I'm in the desert right now... The opposite.. Which is no good! Haha!! @amybruni
Instagram photo by amybruni - This is called torture. #thexfiles
- This is called torture. #thexfiles
amybruni amybruni
sylkayt - Sylvia Tibbs Omg. I looooovvvveeeddd it.❀❀❀
alainah25 - Alaina Hopkins I was thinking the same thing. At one point I turned to my husband and said, "when is the football crap over so I can watch x-files" lol
jgarza8398 - Jessica Ambelas The countdown was torture but so worth the wait!!!
kaminskicm - Christin I recorded it. I just started treat hong the old ones.
wvdansgirl - ElisaMMH So what channel is Fox on dish??
angelicagel76 - Angelica Gonçalves @amybruni Aqui no Brazil, também estamos esperando começar "Arquivo X - The X Files" .
theonlyoneamy - Amanda Piccinini Only tuesday in italy! That sucks
seamankathy - Kathy Seaman I watched it last night.
Instagram photo by amybruni - I had to drag this one out of the snow today. Also, anyone have a recommendation for toddler snow gloves? All I can find are thin little mittens and they're just not practical.
- I had to drag this one out of the snow today. Also, anyone have a recommendation for toddler snow gloves? All I can find are thin little mittens and they're just not practical.
amybruni amybruni
mrsjd11 - Liz Davis Amazon had some small enough for my 18 month old!
imjusfrumpie - Mary When I lived in Minnesota I had several pairs so I could get a dry pair on and go outside again.
aquinna926 - Mishelle Sarclette Rodriguez @amybruni I bought SnowStoppers mittens on Amazon for my toddler. They go on before the coat and They're perfect.
mommy596 - Lands End! Love their snowgear. Their kids jackets have built in cuffs with a hole for their thumb to go through. You slip that over their gloved hand, and no more snow up the sleeves or down the gloves. Love it!! :)
_turokksmummy_ - Antoinette (Nette) Dow Got my kids thermal snow gloves at Kmart of all places. They were cheap too
amyestaley - Amy E Staley L.L. Bean, Freeport, Maine. Best prices and no shipping costs.