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gohemu's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by gohemu - AUS>SFO sketch based on @angel_magic nails
- AUS>SFO sketch based on @angel_magic nails
gohemu gohemu
sergegayjr - Serge Gay Jr. What!!!! Are u in SF?
gohemu - gohemu I wish @sergegayjr layover, on my way to Seattle
gohemu - gohemu Miss u bud! Come visit Texas! @sergegayjr
sergegayjr - Serge Gay Jr. Why u live in Texas now?
Instagram photo by gohemu - Early morning airport sketches #rambo #type
- Early morning airport sketches #rambo #type
gohemu gohemu
jillianevelyn - jillianevelyn Are you going to Detroit? Tony flew there today!
gohemu - gohemu Nope @jillianevelyn heading out to Seattle!
jessgraca - Jessica Graca Um what. Are u kidding me
jessgraca - Jessica Graca What are u coming to seattle for? And how long?
gohemu - gohemu @jessgraca yah lady!! Gona be there for a wedding, leaving Sunday. Im free Saturday if u can hang!
jessgraca - Jessica Graca Are u bringing your lovely lady? I would love to meet her. Where are you staying? I am hosting a bulldog meetup on Saturday night, but i would love to see you sometime on Saturday. Do u still have my number?
Instagram photo by gohemu - #vacation #type #sharpie
- #vacation #type #sharpie
gohemu gohemu
paperkatie - Katie Vacations over ...
gohemu - gohemu 😎 vacation forever @paperkatie
khoatranjk - Khoa Tran Can you please write my name "Khoality" xD D: please i beg you :(
Instagram photo by gohemu - Follow the line to the moon! #sunset
- Follow the line to the moon! #sunset
gohemu gohemu
bbahgahk - James Lee Whatttt this is insane
adamperzanowski - adamperzanowski Very nice crepuscular rays!
olecl - Ole Clausen Happens once every 1000000 years
suzieglover - suzie glover I like your location!
gohemu - gohemu Supernova!!!! @olecl
gohemu - gohemu @olecl miss you friend! Let's skipe soon!
paperkatie - Katie Omgggggghghggggg
Instagram photo by gohemu - Just messin around #super88 #type #lettering
- Just messin around #super88 #type #lettering
gohemu gohemu
jillianevelyn - jillianevelyn Are you missing some bahn mi and bubble tea?
gohemu - gohemu Ugh!! @jillianevelyn u know exactly where this is coming from
jillianevelyn - jillianevelyn Come back and we will go get some! I honestly think tony and I say we miss you or that we wish you were still in Boston at least once a week ha
gohemu - gohemu @jillianevelyn the feeling is mutual lil lady
Instagram photo by gohemu - Late night flight sketch #pimmscup #lettering
- Late night flight sketch #pimmscup #lettering
gohemu gohemu
femme_fatalism - femme_fatalism I would be honored! I was just thinking about how good this would look embroidered. You must be a mind reader!
Instagram photo by gohemu - Chill Saturdays #siesta #lettering #sharpie
- Chill Saturdays #siesta #lettering #sharpie
gohemu gohemu
jillianevelyn - jillianevelyn Ahh this is awesome!
bracci12 - Matt Bracciano @gohemu when can I come visit you guys!?!?
gohemu - gohemu Thanks guys!! @heymatto @bbahgahk @jillianevelyn @dentonwatts @rocyurroxy2
gohemu - gohemu @bracci12 whenever man, just let us know in advance. U flying ur 2 man plane here?
bracci12 - Matt Bracciano @gohemu no haha I won't be flying myself! But I wanna come visit!