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Instagram media by makeupstash - Pink Devotion 💖
Pink Devotion
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  • User profile for frootibeauty

    Oh man these lipsticks are the lushest! I'd have the whole lot if I could haha x

  • User profile for sheshopsmakeup

    This is my fave!! 💗💗💗

  • User profile for rachist

    @kissingmissking !!

  • User profile for rachist

    My favourite pink YSL lippie is still PUR19

  • User profile for mybeautyhoard

    These are really juicy looking.

  • User profile for heygraceyyy

    Hey babe, could you help me to sell off my ysl no.1 that I previously bought from you? If I'm not wrong. Because it doesn't match me and it doesn't have box as well.

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @thepandagrace I didn't sell anyone any YSL or makeup. You have the wrong person.

  • User profile for heygraceyyy

    Should be another makeup blogger, sorry 😊



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