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Instagram media by makeupstash - Mother & child. @jeninec has Daddy in one of her pix! πŸ˜‰
Mother & child. @jeninec has Daddy in one of her pix!
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    @maggc there isn't a tiny one which is that small but there is a 100ml bottle. which is quite small too!

  • User profile for lizbugsays

    @makeupstash thanks for the shoutout love & yes there is a 100ml one LOL! I've got all the sizes maybe should take a picture LOL! @icyabstract

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    This is the best

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    @makeupstash is this the one @elizabeauty was recommending for sensitive skin or was it Eucerin..? Looks good!

  • User profile for lizbugsays

    @yinagoh @makeupstash it's this! I love it! hehe. @fidelistoh send me eucerin but I've not used yet! :X haha!

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    So cute!!! πŸ’—πŸ˜

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    @elizabeauty hahah quick go try! I love the eucerin dermo purify range!

  • User profile for lizbugsays

    @fidelistoh hehe okay!! I will! so many things to try! lol!! πŸ˜†thanks dear!