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Instagram media by makeupstash - Testing/Revisiting some BB and CC creams for @Tangs. 😊
Testing/Revisiting some BB and CC creams for @Tangs .
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    @makeupstash the last i tried, TF dont provide samples. M supposed to bring my own little tiny tub container. Disappointed much. Coz the price is on the high side, would hv expected better n much more frm them. Mayb they hv now since changed and improved considerin i first went to them whn they jus opened doors here in sg.

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    @rachelxooo the SA gave me a few satchets to try too. But well haven touched them bcoz i jus dun tink that it is gonna work on me anyway.

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    Thanks for the tip! I'll skip the MAC one for sure. Think my t zone just isn't playing nice with the formula... Same result with/without primer too!

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