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Instagram media by makeupstash
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  • User profile for makeupstash

    Rediscovered Kiehl's Forest Rain today, a favourite from the past. Citrus, musk and spices sounds like an odd combination but it works, the peppery notes adding a wild jungle touch to this almost-enigmatic scent.

  • User profile for facesbysarah

    Sounds refreshing!!

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @facesbysarah It's quite complex - peppery, musky; yet with an uplifting citrus whiff :)

  • User profile for jeninec

    @makeupstash I ❤ed this! Then they had to discontinue it and 💔.

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @jeninec This is a special fragrance in my stash. Had to buy it as soon as I sniffed it, plus I love the emerald bottle.



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