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Instagram media by nadiaaboulhosn - About to cook dinner. @aceaboulhosn #eatkitty πŸ˜‰
About to cook dinner. @aceaboulhosn #eatkitty
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    Um is it that hot n the house. Ace like, close that fridge. U letting all the ac out. Lol

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    @felix_constantine LOL love it! Wish my cat would be more creative with her hiding places!!! ☺

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    @nadiaaboulhosn why is your fridge so empty 😨😰

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    my kitty does this too!! 😱

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    Tenia hambre marditica .. .. y de paso me entre ahΓ­ a coger freco @madeesposito

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    tu sabe que hay pisquete @madeesposito