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Instagram media by nadiaaboulhosn - She's talking to her man but he looking over here. πŸ‘€ Young dun dodda.
She's talking to her man but he looking over here. Young dun dodda.
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  • User profile for nadiaaboulhosn

    @justliv ayo you dealing with some sure shit, my bitches pure thick

  • User profile for justliv

    Play razor tag, slice ya face for it, it's I who come by drive thru

  • User profile for therealkymmitea

    Lol killacam!

  • User profile for nadiaaboulhosn

    @justliv haha I love you

  • User profile for justliv

    I had to hit you with the killa because of obvious reasons. You look absolutely killa, ma

  • User profile for issntthislovely

    You're very beautiful! I always think you're a styled up Lena Dunham when I'm scrolling. Love Lena πŸ’•

  • User profile for nadiaaboulhosn

    @mywishresign if you cut your hair, do a before and after!! Eeek I can't wait to see!

  • User profile for mywishresign

    @nadiaaboulhosn I will! I hope I can pull it off like you!



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