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Instagram photo by runwaydreamz - On the Beach at Night @kristineullebo 🌙 #fashion #dreamer #girl #california #summer #florida #ocean #beach
- On the Beach at Night @kristineullebo #fashion #dreamer #girl #california #summer #florida #ocean #beach
runwaydreamz runwaydreamz
ahaneyyyy - Alyssa Haney @nattyyylight hair goals
matiasamaro - Matias Amaro Gonzalez @los_mas_guapos_delverano2014
artypain - artypain Omg you are only bones that disgusting
jillianakrey - jill Yes, she is quite thin but I believe it's not okay to call her disgusting. That's just as rude as fat-shaming. We shouldn't be insulting anybody's body type because we don't know what they've been through or if their body shape is just natural and they can't change it. She might just be naturally quite thin and decided modelling would be a good career. Maybe she had anorexia or bulimia. We could never know. I'm not trying to offend anybody but I think it's important that all women are comfortable in their bodies, no matter what they look like. I'm not very skinny or anything but I don't hate girls that are skinnier than me. I just hope that models will stop being judged purely because of their looks and career choice.