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Instagram photo by blogalacart - March, you're drunk. #listentothefreezingrainhitourroof #thiswintercantstopwontstop #sloppy #somuchforplantingthosebedsonschedule #vermontlife #cartwheelfarm
- March, you're drunk. #listentothefreezingrainhitourroof #thiswintercantstopwontstop #sloppy #somuchforplantingthosebedsonschedule #vermontlife #cartwheelfarm
blogalacart blogalacart
eveyeager - Ugh!!! No thanks! It snowed yesterday here and my mood went from happy go lucky to depressed within a minute
goldgirl5 - Mary Donnelly Fields Totally feel your pain. Never ending here too. ❄️
maryellahearts - Mary Ella The slowmo is really dramatic, such ominous snowfall ... 👻❄️ Also, your recent blog post about your cross country trip really inspired me, I loved reading about all the adventures you shared and now reading about your life in Vermont, it's inspiring to make such changes and moves in life and see what amazing things come of it :) thanks for sharing! Never stop writing and posting!
tadog_akhuskies - Elizabeth Strobridge We were hanging out in the warm sun in just a base layer today for the first time. Lee was grilling when the snow cloud rolled in...We had enough that I had to scrap the stairs. Just hoping we don't get one of those epic April snow storms again.
blogalacart - Ashley Weeks Cart @maryellahearts thank you! Gosh that means the world. Thanks for sharing in my little world. xx
Instagram photo by blogalacart - Vermont adventuring inspired by Sunny's inaugural Odyssey of the Mind competition near Burlington #ontheblog #OOTM #nerdingout #3hourbusrideweeee! #vermont
- Vermont adventuring inspired by Sunny's inaugural Odyssey of the Mind competition near Burlington #ontheblog #OOTM #nerdingout #3hourbusrideweeee! #vermont
blogalacart blogalacart
losallens - Alyssa Allen love love love odyssey os the minds: )
magdalenalenalena - Lena Odyssey of the Mind is the best! Great test of creativity under pressure that will help her as an adult.
mmschade - mmschade I LOVED Odyssey of the Mind!!
eveyeager - What is Odyssey of the mind?
Instagram photo by blogalacart - Psychedelic Sunday 🌀🌈🌀 #pinkhairdontcare #itstemporary #promise
- Psychedelic Sunday #pinkhairdontcare #itstemporary #promise
blogalacart blogalacart
blogalacart - Ashley Weeks Cart @loueffie i bought a pack of blue and pink NPW Spray in Hair Colour (look for it on Amazon). It is a mess (They stood nude in the shower while I put it in - but it comes off easily with water!). They're wearing the tie-dye, though, because it will stain clothing and I'm worried about it rubbing off during the day.
loueffie - Leslie Gotcha. So then, it washes after one shampoo?
blogalacart - Ashley Weeks Cart @loueffie Allegedly! Remains to be seen. Since my girls have such blonde hair, it may take more than one wash to fully come out, but the idea is it's one wash and gone!
greerb79 - Amanda Greer @loueffie don't do the koolaid unless you want it in for a long while!! It stains hair badly!! If you want a truly temporary hair color, use hair chalk!! It's super easy to use and washes right out. You can get it at any beauty store (ulta, sephora, etc) or some drugstores!
blogalacart - Ashley Weeks Cart @greerb79 Thanks! Yes, we have hair chalk too and that works too. Though it leaves the hair a crazy texture while the color is in. @loueffie
greerb79 - Amanda Greer @blogalacart it does give it a funky texture. Lol. That spray in is great too. But messy like you said. There's also "shampoo color" that's used to wash bright hair that you can use on blondies for a nice pastel color that will last a couple washes. My daughter is super blonde like yours, and Im always changing bright hair colors so she wanted to also! 😜
blogalacart - Ashley Weeks Cart Fun! @greerb79 I'm totally intrigued by the shampoo color. I'll def check it out
greerb79 - Amanda Greer It's great. No mess, easy to use and no rub off!
Instagram photo by blogalacart - My Sunny girl ☀️🌸🌷🌻🌼 #sunshinekid #sunny #herhairtho #kindergartener #wishthoseoverallscameinmysize #wishspringwouldarrivetoo #miniboden
- My Sunny girl #sunshinekid #sunny #herhairtho #kindergartener #wishthoseoverallscameinmysize #wishspringwouldarrivetoo #miniboden
blogalacart blogalacart
crusheduk - Hello, we are a company who sell fruit compote snacks for children. If you would like to find out more check out our account or website (links in our bio) and follow us for regular updates. You can also find us in waitrose and ocado so don't forget to look out for us next time you go shopping!