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Instagram photo by kurafire - @jessicaspacekat has the coolest self-assembled keyboard.
- @jessicaspacekat has the coolest self-assembled keyboard.
kurafire kurafire
jessicaspacekat - Jessica Allen It was awesome seeing you at the office today!!
crusher - Simon Goetz Y'all know each other? Of course you do. I hope she told you that I was the first to Instagram her keyboard. (It was magical.)
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @jessicaspacekat Thanks for having me over! Lunch was great, sorry if I was a bit sleepy / faded 😱
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @crusher Yup, we do! She did not, that's awesome! And also that you two know each other :D how'd that come about? :)
jessicaspacekat - Jessica Allen @kurafire me and @crusher are the founding members of the Mid-Market Boba Appreciation Club.
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @jessicaspacekat MMBAC ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop.
Instagram photo by kurafire - Cool recycling idea.
- Cool recycling idea.
kurafire kurafire
ktamura - Kevin Tamura We now have one in Seattle.
muroyama - べりー Lovely Sake bottles!
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @ktamura We were tempted a little to go to it, but mostly for the fun of it. :)
ktamura - Kevin Tamura @kurafire izakaya should be fun.
Instagram photo by kurafire - @teacup and her new hair, and mountains.
- @teacup and her new hair, and mountains.
kurafire kurafire
ladydaggerfists - Y'all are too dang cute
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @ladydaggerfists Aw, thanks! ^_^
hannaecwolf - Hanna Wolf Looking great, you two!! @teacup @kurafire
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @hannaecwolf Fersure we do! ;)
Instagram photo by kurafire - British Columbia does PSA’s right.
- British Columbia does PSA’s right.
kurafire kurafire
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @papermakesplanes Yes! Couple days with @teacup :)
papermakesplanes - Daniella Fergusson Woo! Well if you guys have time for hangs... It would be great to see you even for coffee! @kurafire @teacup @warfordium
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @papermakesplanes @warfordium When do you both have time? (Are you both working in the Mt Pleasant area?)
warfordium - C. Chad Warford I'm 10-6, 7-3, 7-3 W-F. @papermakesplanes is in gastown but the tasting room isn't too hard to get to.