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Instagram photo by kurafire - North shore sunset in Kauai.
- North shore sunset in Kauai.
kurafire kurafire
rcsimpson - Rhea I was just there ! Enjoy your stay !
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @rcsimpson !!! Sad we just missed you! It's our second time here :) still great!
Instagram photo by kurafire - Dot. ❤️
- Dot.
kurafire kurafire
rociorodtjer - Rocío That's from Target isn't it? Was considering buying it yesterday 😝
teacup - Dot R @rociorodtjer Haha, not quite. Target probably have the rip-off 😄 http://northamerica.triangl.com/collections/swimwear/products/poppy-summer-sorbet
rociorodtjer - Rocío I was wondering! It looked way better in your photo 😎
Instagram photo by kurafire - More Joshua Tree.
- More Joshua Tree.
kurafire kurafire
robotoctopus - Thomas Gatewood It's weird they named that tree Joshua. Did you find out any of the other trees in the backgrounds names? What about that rusty barrel?