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kurafire's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by kurafire - Bread success.
- Bread success.
kurafire kurafire
giromide - giromide Handsome loaf. And not sweet, I'd imagine.
kyle - Kyle Glad I'm not the only thing doubling in size.
thereisnocat - Ralph Brandi Looks good. Would look better with some sugar in it. (Does American bread really have sugar in it? Actually, don't answer that; it's even worse than that. The bread in my house has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Bleah.)
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @thereisnocat Yes it does, and in *significantly* greater quantities than needed. It makes it last longer, but taste sweet. Bread should not taste sweet unless it's a sugar bread or somesuch. Not regular bread.
saraedwina - saraedwina Looks like proper bread
elsakawai - Elsa Kawai Woah u make them? Good work 💪
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @elsakawai Yes! Thanks :)
Instagram photo by kurafire - Boterham met hagelslag for #NED!
- Boterham met hagelslag for #NED!
kurafire kurafire
room34 - Scott Anderson I'm glad I took the time to Google "hagelslag".
ashedryden - Ashe Dryden If that is chocolate sprinkles on toast, I'm gonna have to talk to you about your rant on American bread having sugar in it, Faruk
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @ashedryden But Aaaaashe! It's about sugar being *in* the bread. *On* it is a conscious choice; in it and you can't avoid it and it tastes horrible with savory things like meat or cheese.
ashedryden - Ashe Dryden lol okay you wiiiiin
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @ashedryden bread is a big part of my life. (Bread's a nearly-sacred thing for the Turkish)
bowers - GB Bowers Once again, you and Mike need to have a bread podcast. I'm at least 65% serious.
Instagram photo by kurafire - Delorean hovercraft! \o/
- Delorean hovercraft! \o/
kurafire kurafire
serdarkilic - Serdar Kilic I don't know if you know @serdary but you both posted pics from the same location right after each other!
serdary - Serdar Yildirim @serdarkilic nope we don't know each other! We should meet somehow though. No idea how :) @kurafire
Instagram photo by kurafire - And Dat view.
- And Dat view.
kurafire kurafire
chillok - Cillian More like Dat Hill, my god this city loves it's slopes.
serdarkilic - Serdar Kilic The pointy building sure stands out
Instagram photo by kurafire - Ready for X-men! With @teacup and @iamdanw
- Ready for X-men! With @teacup and @iamdanw
kurafire kurafire
hitherto - Simon Batistoni aw, feels like I haven't seen you guys in forever. Let's hang out soon!
grumpusnation - James Baker You look as happy as Wolverine, Scruffy…