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Instagram photo by kurafire - Trapped in a prison of my own making.
- Trapped in a prison of my own making.
kurafire kurafire
robknight - Rob Knight Nice, uh, collar?
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @robknight She's got a neck wound she keeps scratching :( I keep cleaning and bandaging it but I've taken to doing multiple layers of bandage now so that she can't scratch & damage through it.
robknight - Rob Knight Aww, poor girl.
Instagram photo by kurafire - Ice Karting with @teacup!
- Ice Karting with @teacup!
kurafire kurafire
msmelwong - Mel Wong Hi guys! Miss you @teacup!
dutchashell - Kristin Nienhuis I want to go to here.
bobthecow - Justin Hileman But do they have blue shells?
saraedwina - you are both looking very happy
candicodeit - Candi That sounds like a ton of fun!
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @dutchashell The Hague! Easy peasy ;)
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @bobthecow Yes, they do. Except helmets.
Instagram photo by kurafire - It is time. (Fake @ijustine ™ not included)
- It is time. (Fake @ijustine not included)
kurafire kurafire
luxuryluke - Luke Dorny☕ This has been out a while hasn't it? Still haven't played it. Parent hashtag hood.
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @luxuryluke Yup, just a bit over a year, but I was previously quite broke hashtag startup founder.
luxuryluke - Luke Dorny☕ Hash like its nineteen ninety-tag
kitta - Nikita Kashner I was late to the party too. Loving GTA V.
Instagram photo by kurafire - Oreo milkshake heaven.
- Oreo milkshake heaven.
kurafire kurafire
luxuryluke - Luke Dorny☕ Good gravy! that looks tasty! @stefsull
tikva - Tikva Morowati Welcome back :)
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @tikva thank you!! Let's hang soon, soooo much to catch up on!
tikva - Tikva Morowati Oh la la! Let's do a movie night! In two Wednesdays with @robvsf?!
saraedwina - Best burghers ever
kurafire - Faruk Ateş @tikva @robvsf Yes! Miss you guys <3