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Instagram photo by drilone - Tank assembly line #thewariscoming #dunny #artifwar
- Tank assembly line #thewariscoming #dunny #artifwar
drilone drilone
jade93dotcom - JADE93 TNR DOTCOM Graffiti What material? Lightweight resin or something else? I've used Smooth-on's feather lite (2 part) before and it works pretty good. Expensive even in bulk though. @drilone
drilone - DrilOne @jade93dotcom smoothon 300
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill When can I buy one ? @drilone p
Instagram photo by drilone - Some of my #sdcc2014 hauls
- Some of my #sdcc2014 hauls
drilone drilone
kittykittymeow666 - Fancy Pants Cool, I don't care for video games much, but I like the halo outfits.
beetleseuss - Ty Ault Nice Boss!!👀
presco617 - Stacy Presco Love the Honoo. Would have killed to get a couple of those Gohsts. None for you, either?
drilone - DrilOne @presco617 Honoo should be available soon on @super7store
Instagram photo by drilone - My @super7store haul from #sdcc2014 @leecifer1 #alien #aliens
- My @super7store haul from #sdcc2014 @leecifer1 #alien #aliens
drilone drilone
smack6102 - Rob that secret base alien is awesome!!!
derickkennington - Derick Kennington @drilone one day I hope to see your work on one of my spray bombs.
jvlien - Jules Was the secret base alien a lottery?
drilone - DrilOne @jvlien there will be different colorways
renonelab - Lance So are all the hands backwards.
Instagram photo by drilone - Trying to avoid the Nerd Flu or Con SARS  #pho #soup
- Trying to avoid the Nerd Flu or Con SARS #pho #soup
drilone drilone
luckylam - luckylam Homemade pho for customs anytime at my place!
presco617 - Stacy Presco "Con SARS" LOL! I'd be willing to catch that. I think.
hungrypiglet - sarah 🐷 seawin nasty ass people coughing and sneezing on me >=[
rich_ee_rich - Rich Nerd flu is when I took a plane to Phoenix
Instagram photo by drilone - My Gargamel haul from #sdcc2014  #ggml
- My Gargamel haul from #sdcc2014 #ggml
drilone drilone
gatchabert - Bert S. Gatchalian Nice...i just want a dokuro and cyclo for my collection. Glad you scored the set.
_e0s_ - E O S Wooooo! O.O
kittykittymeow666 - Fancy Pants Bummer, I hope angel birds aren't done forever!
Instagram photo by drilone - Got my Phil's at the empty airport!  #bbq
- Got my Phil's at the empty airport! #bbq
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne @iheartlunch amazing tasting
drilone - DrilOne @eckotyper the bomb, 1st time
agent_r - Ray Dragatomi Hey you still there? We decided to to come to SDCX after all. Wait for us!😉
drilone - DrilOne @agent_r yeah see you soon
drilone - DrilOne @agent_r SDCX?
podgypanda - Richard Safe flight drilz with a z
ritzyp - ritzy periwinkle Great seeing drils. Safe travels back see you at dcon
Instagram photo by drilone - @danielfleres inkslingers from the 1st day. Only 2 left
- @danielfleres inkslingers from the 1st day. Only 2 left
drilone drilone
ictoys - Indra Gunawan That flies are hilarious
seriouslysillyk - seriouslysillyk yay, people love em, dan!! @danielfleres
lmmayne - Laura Soooooo want one!!!!
awhulsizer - awhulsizer can i order one via internet?
drilone - DrilOne @awhulsizer they will go online soon @cbspaceship
Instagram photo by drilone - Love connection @podgypanda @ncwintersart  #sdcc2014 @dragatomi
- Love connection @podgypanda @ncwintersart #sdcc2014 @dragatomi
drilone drilone
agent_r - Ray Dragatomi @ncwintersart you better come up to Sac for mr. @podgypanda show next month! 😉
agent_r - Ray Dragatomi @smallandround @jasonlimon 😱
smallandround - Jeremiah Ketner Panda hugs are the best @podgypanda @ncwintersart
ncwintersart - N.C. Winters Love that guy! Legit!
Instagram photo by drilone - At the Hyatt with a bunch of artists. #sdcc2014
- At the Hyatt with a bunch of artists. #sdcc2014
drilone drilone
burton_life - Scott Then those are expensive from Hyatt but who cares when around family and friends and it a true time. Keep up your amazing work @drilone , thank you for your sick ass art!!
trampt - Keegan Rooney I was there too
drilone - DrilOne @trampt yes!!!!!
drilone - DrilOne @trampt well I posted this before family showed up
ncwintersart - N.C. Winters I was also there too.
Instagram photo by drilone - Sketched a Android at #cardboardspaceship @cbspaceship
- Sketched a Android at #cardboardspaceship @cbspaceship
drilone drilone
smallandround - Jeremiah Ketner Wow, that's the first time I have seen use pink.
eyece13 - james I don't care what anyone says i like it :-)
dermiestar - dermiestar @drilone I saw that and wanted to steal it :)
dermiestar - dermiestar @smallandround he used pink in my sketchbook at comic con last year! !
Instagram photo by drilone - SD has a huge homeless population #h #hallh
- SD has a huge homeless population #h #hallh
drilone drilone
jay222toy - Jay222 Person in the front either has a very round boner, or ass for days (blue)
kokopop_ - kokopop_ Wait...are these really homeless people ...or people waiting to get in?? I just noticed the sign on the building
theblotsays - The Blot @kokopop_ camping out and waiting to get in.
agent_r - Ray Dragatomi What is this Mic Con International? Is it a Karaoke convention?
ilovefreestufftoo - ilovefreestufftoo Everyone ends up being poor towards the end of the show.
presco617 - Stacy Presco Andy Serkis and Lee Pace (Hobbit movies and beyond) said people were sleeping outside Hall H, waiting to get inside for autographs first thing today. Hardcore fans!