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Instagram photo by drilone - Catank on the prowl to @strangerfactory for #Bewitching IV #thisishalloween #everydayishalloween #blackcat #circusposterus #strangerfactory
- Catank on the prowl to @strangerfactory for #Bewitching IV #thisishalloween #everydayishalloween #blackcat #circusposterus #strangerfactory
drilone drilone
cizzyxo - Cecily @drgreedy =^•^=
mindfullylifted - ashley rose Oh my god!! 😍 @littlewitchxo
philiplumbang - Philip Lumbang Can you do an awesome bear next?
vinylgod - Blake @drilone I know your busy... But when you heave free time can I commission you for a tank !?!?
drilone - DrilOne @philiplumbang email me Drils @ yahoo
drilone - DrilOne @vinylgod email me🔼
presco617 - Stacy Presco Freakin awesomeness. More Bewitching temptations, @superpunkrockmom
Instagram photo by drilone - Added some Micro Drones I forgot I had to my store. I also added some other things #ap
- Added some Micro Drones I forgot I had to my store. I also added some other things #ap
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne These have been retired btw so these may be the last
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill I snagged one bro ! If possible can I request the green one, it's my first one and probably the last if you retired them 😳 I'm lucky to get any but just if it is possible @drilone
eyece13 - james If i buy a third will i be lucky enough to get different ones?
Instagram photo by drilone - Land of misfit tanks... #Bewitching #circusposterus #skelve #strangerfactory @circusposterus
- Land of misfit tanks... #Bewitching #circusposterus #skelve #strangerfactory @circusposterus
drilone drilone
mikeydeetee - Mikey I need that skull tank with the eye cannons! @drilone
drilone - DrilOne @vinylgod all going to Bewitching at @strangerfactory
vinylgod - Blake How can I buy?
eyece13 - james @vinylgod @strangerfactory Oct 10th
vinylgod - Blake I'm all the way in FL... :( @eyece13 @drilone
iheartlunch - ED aka Useless Toys That skull one is looking good. @drilone
eyece13 - james @vinylgod you asked where to buy that's where
drilone - DrilOne @vinylgod I will post more info next week
Instagram photo by drilone - Had these last night!
- Had these last night!
drilone drilone
kokopop_ - kokopop_ Son of a peach is a good beer...if you liked that peach one there! 🍻
joewin89 - Joseph Winchester 🌑 When people say beer, it reminds of of lager, the shit stuff. Ale is too superior.
kokopop_ - kokopop_ Sorry @joewin89 ...I totally meant to type ale.....totally
joewin89 - Joseph Winchester 🌑 @kokopop_ No need to be sorry dude, I wasn't being a dick or anything ha! I'm just saying. 😜
kokopop_ - kokopop_ I know!!! I was just fuckin with you! 😎 @joewin89
joewin89 - Joseph Winchester 🌑 @kokopop_ I feel sorry for you, that you get off on that. 😊
Instagram photo by drilone - Still have this. In my store #nerf
- Still have this. In my store #nerf
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne Will also trade for a hero 3 preferably a black edition
kmalone_chimera - Kevin Malone So very good. Damn! I wish I had the $ for this right now. Well done!
drilone - DrilOne @dski_one thx it's also fun too!
Instagram photo by drilone - Got to meet a Chilean Rose Tarantula this weekend.
- Got to meet a Chilean Rose Tarantula this weekend.
drilone drilone
galfurion - Ricardo Castro Aren't they aggressive?
drilone - DrilOne @galfurion nope would take a lot to get bit. And even if you got bite nothing worse then a bee sting.
ardabusrubber - Ardabus Rubber The hairs are worse that it's bite
guida48 - selda @oktayalp35
drilone - DrilOne @ardabusrubber yes
galfurion - Ricardo Castro Geez! Never thought of that. I have to unlock too many self preservation triggers in my head to be able to hold one if those in my hands. Kudos to you.
drilone - DrilOne @galfurion that's my 8 yr old daughters hands. But I held it too. Felt like soft kitten paws
Instagram photo by drilone - Maybe??? #pumpkintank
- Maybe??? #pumpkintank
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne @eyece13 #bewitching
eyece13 - james You and lee coming this year?
eyece13 - james You can send this tank in your place, I'll email tonight about dimensions
leecifer1 - Leecifer Unless I can ride in this!?!
eliacidp - Eliacid Perez Wow this is awesome please make this happen I need to own one of your customs!
awhulsizer - awhulsizer can i sign up for one if you’re making some… i can wait on the bellicose bunny if that’s what’s on the menu now!
Instagram photo by drilone - Almost done. @boundlessbrooklyn @myplasticheart
- Almost done. @boundlessbrooklyn @myplasticheart
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne @seriouslysillyk I always wanted to do a 4 foot water tower and might now.
switch19 - switch19 Love the colors
mriverakc - Michael Rivera Always some cool weathering
_e0s_ - E O S That looks hella fresh @drilone
boundlessbrooklyn - Boundless Brooklyn Nice!!! Not sure how we missed this @drilone ... but we're looking forward to seeing it on 11/1 @myplasticheart.
Instagram photo by drilone - Done for tonight. @boundlessbrooklyn @myplasticheart
- Done for tonight. @boundlessbrooklyn @myplasticheart
drilone drilone
drudeeza - DruDeezA Can't wait to see the complete project
awhulsizer - awhulsizer holy hell awesome.
awhulsizer - awhulsizer drill, you’ve seen the stained glass water tower in brooklyn dumbo - google image search it - i think you may want to do a drill stained glass edition too…
awhulsizer - awhulsizer read that nyc water towers aren’t regulated and some have graveyards of pigeon carcasses in them…