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Instagram photo by drilone - Finishing this today! @loupimentel @myplasticheart
- Finishing this today! @loupimentel @myplasticheart
drilone drilone
awhulsizer - awhulsizer @drilone @angrypanda410 - @dekorner has the most stock left of space crabs... Selling them $15 each... Glad I had the idea to combine spacecrab + drilone = #winningcombo 😊👍👍
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill Thanks homie ! @awhulsizer
drilone - DrilOne @awhulsizer yes it worked so well with Lous Cranston
Instagram photo by drilone - Custom @bananapoons Steven the bat I did for a client.
- Custom @bananapoons Steven the bat I did for a client.
drilone drilone
alejferrer - Alejandro Ferrer Look nice, but i love the would have been hard for me to customize it
elgrooby - elgrooby I miss Grass Hut!
awhulsizer - awhulsizer @alejferrer - was the GID color - i still have a black steven the bat. the GIDs can be had for very low price then what you pay to customize… but worth it!
alejferrer - Alejandro Ferrer I know @awhulsizer this one is just that i love the original. But there is no doubt that this custom is great!!!
Instagram photo by drilone - Military tunnel
- Military tunnel
drilone drilone
foxes.and.robbers - Desiree Chow Is this the tunnel going to rodeo beach?
drilone - DrilOne @rivetgallery @foxes.and.robbers
rivetgallery - Rivet - Toy Store & Gallery @drilone pains me to know I was so close to that two months ago!
drilone - DrilOne @eckotyper vtec is smoking :(
eckotyper - eckotyper What you mean? Car smokes when u hit it?
drilone - DrilOne @eckotyper either head gasket, valves or rings need fixing
eckotyper - eckotyper Fuhhh :( white or black smoke? That will tell Ya if its oil or water
Instagram photo by drilone - Custom Dunny x Space Crab mashup. Commissioned from a client! #Kidrobot #spacecrab
- Custom Dunny x Space Crab mashup. Commissioned from a client! #Kidrobot #spacecrab
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne @awhulsizer yours
eyece13 - james Amazing work
drudeeza - DruDeezA #BuiltForTheKill another awesome piece, hopefully you come out with a re-make of #Frankenstein soon, or even your version of #predatorsvsaliens
Instagram photo by drilone - Say what! #snapple
- Say what! #snapple
drilone drilone
lexnonederland - Lexi Lott @tomdahlia only you Thomas. Only you. LOL
marie_says_moo - Mariee Rivera @junepullsthetriggerbitch
artofalexander - Daniel I did not know that. I now wanna "graffiti" someone's cow in Texas.
igypsywoman - Windy Good to know! 😊
ironhayden16 - Hayden Daniels I think that's more because it's illegal to graffiti on anything that isn't your own property, but a pretty cool snapple cap lol
amdistrict - a.m. dubose It is also illegal to carry wire cutters. Cows & horses are serious business here in Tx.
Instagram photo by drilone - They are up
- They are up
drilone drilone
xslnx - S.LN. Top right
presco617 - presco617 ^^blind bag, can't choose 😩
hellscrape - Victor Cordova If someone gets a conifas they don't want...
drilone - DrilOne @hellscrape I can make one for ya
hellscrape - Victor Cordova @drilone I may have to take you up on that soon
Instagram photo by drilone - A fun commission! #Dunny #spacecrab
- A fun commission! #Dunny #spacecrab
drilone drilone
drilone - DrilOne @awhulsizer yours not @dwhittington
awhulsizer - awhulsizer Cool just showing him😀
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill Holy shit ! This why my water tower and trains haven't shipped yet,Completely excepted this is epic ! Lmao :P @drilone
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill I'm jealous of this actually this must be for @eyece13 he always gets the dopeness ? Haha
drilone - DrilOne @angrypanda410 no, it's cause I am lazy and don't want to photograph them lol. They are done and will ship tomorrow
angrypanda410 - Chris Threadgill Haha get lazy you deserve it, you stay cranking out orders for people. MLK day tomorrow so Tuesday I think post office is closed for MLK, thanks man ! Can't wait to see mines 😬