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Instagram media by mszdub - He's baaack....#cosleeping #makeitstop
He's baaack....#cosleeping #makeitstop
  • User profile for omg_halley

    The air fist bump is clearly being sent to Max, Troy has to hold his ground and pave the way for the littlest cosleeping addicts out there. 👊

  • User profile for mszdub

    @omg_halley When I tried to put him to bed in his room last night, he said, "I will just miss you so much". Troy is the master.

  • User profile for kchk21

    My kids start in their own beds every night but we have mattresses on the floor in our room so we can at least keep them out of our bed. By 2am they've all migrated to those mattresses.

  • User profile for yourfriendrobin

    I like when my sons come in during the night, as long as it's not too early. Miles doesn't even wake me up now, it's like a surprise party in the bed some mornings.

  • User profile for misscaron

    Omg. This scares me. This is why I don't want to co-sleep.

  • User profile for mszdub

    @yourfriendrobin Exactly. That's what happens every night. And he brings his toys. Zoe slept in here on the floor the week she had the stomach flu. We should really just get two sets of bunk beds and call it a night.

  • User profile for mszdub

    @misscaron BE VERY AFRAID. 😱

  • User profile for csudrea

    Aww, I love co-sleeping. Gav sleeps in his own bed now and Vi does about 9/10th of the time. I miss the snuggles. (But to be honest, I do sleep better without tiny sharp elbows in my face...)