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Instagram media by mszdub - Jeff loves Zoe's scooter as much as Zoe.
Jeff loves Zoe's scooter as much as Zoe.
  • User profile for lisaw00

    Wow. I have the same white cabinets, hardware, and butcher block countertops as you! *fist bump*

  • User profile for mszdub

    @lisaw00 Do you have backsplash? I don't have that yet because my backsplash installer is riding a scooter. 😳

  • User profile for ikeandco

    Chandler desperately wanted a scooter! We passed on that request :)

  • User profile for lisaw00

    Yes we have a classic white subway tile. We have similar installers ;)

  • User profile for mszdub

    @ang4332 It's electric, I told her to stay off the highway. 😄



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