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Instagram media by babyrabies
  • User profile for tempestbeauty

    I'm pretty impressed with the shots!!

  • User profile for hi5lizzie

    I knew it! Ha!

  • User profile for thecoffeeqween

    I was wondering why there were no captions of what you were posting!! Lol

  • User profile for melwedde

    @thecoffeeqween same!

  • User profile for nurselovesfarmr

    I love how so many people liked them still! Haha

  • User profile for liddiad

    That's hilarious. I wondered what was up with the pics

  • User profile for jennierobintracystarr

    I knew it was him! He's got mamma's picture taking skills :)

  • User profile for disenchantedsl

    I'd guessed it was Kendall, but liked them cos they were showing your journey!

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