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Instagram media by demarcusware - Anyone ever tried this?
Anyone ever tried this?
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  • User profile for ahmd01

    @demarcusware its good....cupping...the bad blood will be extracted out and will enhance your blood circulation...but you got to rest for 24 hours before any serious running or excercise or even sex...

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  • User profile for sharibaca01

    @demarcusware cupping works wonders for me. Helped with my nausea from chemo and my migraines. Did you like it?

  • User profile for rico_suave_702

    What is it @demarcusware

  • User profile for shortstack6

    Did it work???

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  • User profile for midnight_blu123

    Tattoo nice!

  • User profile for liltweetisheredl_l_

    What kind of tattoo is that is that guy or is that a bird



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