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Instagram media by wakarusa - Caption This 📷 Cred: @breewillis #Waka2014 #Wakarusa
Caption This Cred: @breewillis #Waka2014 #Wakarusa
  • User profile for mmattox926

    The dancing mushrooms put the biggest smile on my face every time I saw them shuffling around

  • User profile for ann_dea

    I wasnt scared at all when I turned around and one was following me I promise

  • User profile for alibrown19

    i miss my shroom friend

  • User profile for arhomegrown

    "There is so mushroom for dancing around here!"

  • User profile for analpimp

    Reminded me of dark souls lol

  • User profile for total_freshman_move

    You are what you eat

  • User profile for maddsswhite

    "Mom, I'm freaking out man. The mushrooms here are dancing!!!!"

  • User profile for bremarie929

    Haha me and my friends planned to meet at the mushrooms..then they danced away!! Lol

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