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Instagram media by wakarusa - Our beloved Waka Wheel 🎡 📷 Cred: @djstorms #Waka2014 #WakaWheel #Wakarusa
Our beloved Waka Wheel Cred: @djstorms #Waka2014 #WakaWheel #Wakarusa
  • User profile for herbsnhoops

    I love the Ferris wheel but the operators you used this year were super rude and wouldn't let my friend ride for no reason even tho I payed for him we weren't even on any drugs or anything.

  • User profile for herbsnhoops

    Loved the guys you used last year an the previous years

  • User profile for herbsnhoops

    @foreignstars in total agreement

  • User profile for kitty420love

    @monicankilu we have to ride this next year!

  • User profile for blondieee5

    We said we were gonna ride this....and we didn't @tristanthompsonlr

  • User profile for tristanthompsonlr

    We were bullshittin @blondieee5

  • User profile for jakehartel

    We bought tickets, stood in line, got to thee end and saw something cool looking and ran off and forgot about our tickets.

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