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Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Merry Christmas #20YearsOfCharacters
- Merry Christmas #20YearsOfCharacters
chrisrowe chrisrowe
kyeee - Kyee I beat ya! got 3 :D
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @kyeee There's more on the way 😚
glasgowraider - Chris Merchant Dont suppose you are selling 1?
pablo_ha55an - pablo_ha55an Amaaaaazing howd YA manage to get 2 I thought game only gave 1 per person !! Are you willing to sell one ?
pablo_ha55an - pablo_ha55an Just read theres more on the way !? How many more did you get ???????
Instagram photo by chrisrowe
chrisrowe chrisrowe
youngend_ - youngend_ If you get one more follower you will have 666 followers
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - mu plug
- mu plug
chrisrowe chrisrowe
mr_stezz - mr_stezz They're awesome! I ended up buying a few, because they go missing! Aka, family steals them :P
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @mr_stezz Haha, yea I thought the earth pin tucked in too but it's still super flat and neat. I'm waiting till the dual USB 2amp ones before I buy more though.