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Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Tiles
- Tiles
chrisrowe chrisrowe
mattbrett - Matt Brett These things are finally shipping? Definitely want to grab a few for my wife.
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @mattbrett Yea arrived a couple of days ago. I'd have thought you'd get you're before being from the US. Neat little things although a bit thicker that I anticipated. I thought they'd buzz and remind you when they go of range of each other. (ie take your phone but forget your wallet) but that doesn't work yet, maybe an update in future though
garethsummers - Gareth @mattbrett in case you lose your wife?
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Heavy
- Heavy
chrisrowe chrisrowe
michaeldick - Dick Is there something wrong with earths gravitational pull in the future?
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Bottling #homebrew
- Bottling #homebrew
chrisrowe chrisrowe
kennycarlsson - Kenny Carlsson Really nice bottling equipment! Where did you buy it?
thewortlord - R. Castle +1 on the where did you buy it!?!?
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @kennycarlsson @thewortlord