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Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Merry Christmas #20YearsOfCharacters
- Merry Christmas #20YearsOfCharacters
chrisrowe chrisrowe
mrqwest - Anthony Killeen Where are all these coming from? Seeing a few in my timeline!!!
kyeee - Kyee I beat ya! got 3 :D
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @kyeee There's more on the way 😚
glasgowraider - Chris Merchant Dont suppose you are selling 1?
pablo_ha55an - pablo_ha55an Amaaaaazing howd YA manage to get 2 I thought game only gave 1 per person !! Are you willing to sell one ?
pablo_ha55an - pablo_ha55an Just read theres more on the way !? How many more did you get ???????
Instagram photo by chrisrowe
chrisrowe chrisrowe
youngend_ - David If you get one more follower you will have 666 followers
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - mu plug
- mu plug
chrisrowe chrisrowe
mr_stezz - mr_stezz They're awesome! I ended up buying a few, because they go missing! Aka, family steals them :P
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @mr_stezz Haha, yea I thought the earth pin tucked in too but it's still super flat and neat. I'm waiting till the dual USB 2amp ones before I buy more though.
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Tiles
- Tiles
chrisrowe chrisrowe
mattbrett - Matt Brett These things are finally shipping? Definitely want to grab a few for my wife.
chrisrowe - Chris Rowe @mattbrett Yea arrived a couple of days ago. I'd have thought you'd get you're before being from the US. Neat little things although a bit thicker that I anticipated. I thought they'd buzz and remind you when they go of range of each other. (ie take your phone but forget your wallet) but that doesn't work yet, maybe an update in future though
garethsummers - Gareth @mattbrett in case you lose your wife?
Instagram photo by chrisrowe - Heavy
- Heavy
chrisrowe chrisrowe
michaeldick - Dick Is there something wrong with earths gravitational pull in the future?