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Instagram photo by houston_burns - Well she's sittin awful weird.#yotar
- Well she's sittin awful weird.#yotar
houston_burns houston_burns
1997nathan2015 - Nathan Stanfield haha its like the ranger hump truck 😂😂
houston_burns - Houston Burns Haha it looks like its been chopped and lowered @1997nathan2015
houston_burns - Houston Burns Yea it is. That's the one I've been workin on for God knows how long @chelseachess26
houston_burns - Houston Burns Well right now I don't know for sure. It still surges so I'm either gonna replace all the sensors or convert it to carb. But ima work on it a lot so it'll be done soon. You still got the ol Nissan? @chelseachess26
houston_burns - Houston Burns A whole new motor??! @chelseachess26
houston_burns - Houston Burns Well dang. That sucks but it's good too haha @chelseachess26
houston_burns - Houston Burns Yea. Hey can I just text ya? I hate to keep commentin on this ha @chelseachess26
Instagram photo by poston86 - Road trip back home from Richmond KY. #sunset #Samsnewtruck #Toyota #yotar @samofficer
- Road trip back home from Richmond KY. #sunset #Samsnewtruck #Toyota #yotar @samofficer
poston86 poston86
jeremyshupperd11 - Jeremy Shupperd That's @shuppiloop81 neck of the woods.
poston86 - Cody Poston Yeah man I know, that's what we were talking about on the way up there. @jeremyshupperd11
hylandarris139 - Dylan Harris Go through Albany .its the prettier ride
poston86 - Cody Poston That's the way we went, it was a lot better than a dang interstate. @hylandarris139
hylandarris139 - Dylan Harris It's a million times better man.interstate is mad gay.
Instagram photo by _hayl3y21_ - Second snowfall for Wisconsin<3 #Icey#Snow#Drift#Drifften#Yotar#Toyota
- Second snowfall for Wisconsin<3 #Icey#Snow#Drift#Drifften#Yotar#Toyota
_hayl3y21_ _hayl3y21_
lorna6916 - Lorna Miss it there! :(
_hayl3y21_ - Hayl3y Mari3 We miss ya too! There's a horse that lives in the barn his name is Diego but he's mean and we can't rude h
_hayl3y21_ - Hayl3y Mari3 ** & we can't ride hi
_hayl3y21_ - Hayl3y Mari3 ** omg.... Him** @lorna6916
lorna6916 - Lorna Same one as forever ago? Lol or new one?
_hayl3y21_ - Hayl3y Mari3 Yeah he's the same one! Why you know where I can get a really nice one?(: