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Instagram photo by anaguarismaAnother week is coming our way and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach. I remember getting into the Yoga Teacher Training completely clueless of the Universe’s plans for me when the opportunity magically appeared at the right time and I’m so glad I took it. Even after I finished the training I remember telling my yoga mother and teacher @paola_yoga that I wasn’t really going to teach (so I thought); and I continued with my path, still approaching what I was sure I needed to do, which it was sharing the blessing and benefits of meditation and being in touch with your intuition, a practice that I had since a very young age, amongst other things. I started to work on all my content, and when I was ready to begin that journey I found out I was pregnant, I was about to have my third child, the boy I always saw in my life and even named it Sebastian years back. After months of a hard pregnancy, I was weak and going thru what I now see like a big awakening in disguise, I lost my baby boy. In the attempts to go on with my life I started to share some of the content I had been working on, but I couldn’t really go on for very long; I had to stop and go through my grieving process first, so I did. I was lost and in pain, and had no idea of where to go. I prayed and asked for clarity, one day I had nothing, and the next day I had my scheduled filled with the opportunity to teach yoga 6 days a week. It’s been a year now, and everyday I get the chance to seat in front of a group of people I feel deep gratitude, I get to lead them through some asanas, something in which I am just a beginner at, but most importantly I get to teach what I am also learning, about love, compassion, connection, and I try to make them feel like they can go on with their lives knowing that we are all one, which is what I feel in my heart I was born to do. There are lots of happy faces on social media, but there are also lots of people committing suicide every minute, lots of people in pain feeling alone and broken. Today I am here to share this message because I know that the more vulnerable and authentic we are, the more we will feed the sense of unity.

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