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Instagram photo by leannesedentopfrhnOne of the main objections I hear about my Detox program is... "There is NO way I can give up coffee" I hear ya. When I was knocking back two large travel mugs a day I felt the same way. I used to climb into bed feeling excited that I was that much closer to drinking coffee in the morning. I love the smell of it. I love the taste of it. I love the comfort & ritual of a hot cup in my hand. When that first sip hits your lips...magic! So yes, trust me when I tell you that I understand the hesitation. However, I reached a point where my desire to get my anxiety & hormonal imbalances in check was stronger than my love of the java. I was ready to get the 10 lb weight off of my chest, improve my energy (yes cutting out coffee can actually improve your energy!) & improve my sleep. I was ready to balance cortisol and blood sugar so that my body would finally feel safe to start letting go of the weight that just wouldn't budge. The key for me was to have delicious alternatives that still provided that little boost in the morning & the comfort & ritual I was craving without attacking my nervous system. Matcha green tea 🍵powder was one of those alternatives for me that made a world of difference. It's actually supportive of anxiety and our nervous system in general and still gives a nice, gentle energy boost. I seriously didn't know that my brain could feel so clear until I ditched the coffee & introduced matcha. Then, after a period of no coffee I began to experiment (because I really do still love the stuff!) & have found that for me a small cup early in the morning, when my cortisol levels are already high, is ok for me & maintaining balance. That's the goal of the Detox Program. Not to make you cranky & just deprive you for no reason. But to give you a bit of space from the potential trigger foods that may be keeping you from feeling your best, so you can experience how it feels when you aren't consuming it. Then, you get to decide. You decide how you move forward & what works for you in your life. Because this is a lifestyle we're aiming for quick fix. If you're ready to give yourself some space join us now​
Instagram photo by drlisahollandptB RECEPTIVE 💎 My dearest sisters....There is very little financial return in sharing things in the amount I do Online and in casual conversations. It is offered in a deep sense of my dharma and Anyone who knows me will tell you that true. So when I tell you there is only so much information, scientific evidence and professional training I can take for you before there is nothing more I can share, I mean that. There is really nothing more on my end to do at this point other than figure out ways you may be more receptive to your potential beauty and hold space for you to investigate if I am correct. 🤔 Even as I will continue to REMAIN AWAKE and feel joy in learning what evolves and celebrate my sisters that want to shine, There is nothing more I can truly share unless WE BOTH connect and are mutually willing to experiment through our experience of the information together. The three paths to truth in this world are through OUR SENSES , Through our through inference and through Intuition. While I can not guarantee you will be fully receptive to all I have to offer, I can share that I have worked on my paths to truth waiting to have the honor of being as receptive as I can to you. 💕So If you would like to know #truth in your body and #peace in the mind and the vitality of reconnecting with your soul's desire to be free from the burdens of this body then join this #womenshealth #Revolution by taking action in any little way you can. Become #goddesswisdom #pure #radiance #guides #shaktirising #womeninbusiness #oneTeam1Mission FOLLOW LINK IN BIO TO LEARN HOW TO THRIVE TOGETHER

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