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Instagram photo by janewillmottYou dream of having this amazing business you love You dream of impacting and making the money you desire from it You dream of being able to live this amazing life And yet you don’t allow your dreams to actually be given a chance to exist At most you give them a glimmer of hope when for half a day or even a full day sometimes you actually push your fear aside, soon enough as you always do you allow fear back in, fear takes control and your dreams are pushed to the side You want to bring them out and throw them around and use them when it suits you You say that they’re really what you want, they’re your everything and yet they’re still not important enough to you for you to tell fear ENOUGH! Go take a walk in your dreams shoes and then stand up and tell me that you’re actually giving this you're all, that you’re actually 100% committed to this right now, that you’re actually doing this shit! Because ultimately time and time again Day after day Week after week  You choose FEAR You choose the stories it tells you You choose FEAR How do you think that makes your dreams feel? When are your dreams going to be good enough for you to choose them? When are you going to want them enough to choose them? It’s bullshit that you’re ready as you claim It’s crap that you do everything you can Because honestly if you were ready and if you were doing everything you could, fear wouldn’t be in the driving seat your dreams would be You want to be seen You want to make impact You want to make the money you desire You want to be the person who’s living the life you dream of Then stand up, choose your dreams Make a stand for the dreams you say mean so much to you They deserve more than being dictated to by fear They deserve more than being constantly let down And you know it comes down to a decision, it comes down to you deciding that you want your dreams more than you’re afraid of what could happen. It comes down to you actually wanting this more than anything, it comes down to you actually being ready to show up and do the work. Choose to say yes to your dreams and NO to your fears Choose to actually bloody do something about what you say you want ❤❤

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