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Instagram photo by khangabrielLearning so much from my stay in the #Amazon . #queer #decolonial story from a #Ticuna village. #instagay #colombia #Amazonas #colonialism #HumanRights #indigenousrights #conservation #LGBTI #globalsouth | We sit for lunch in a communal cocina (kitchen). A large wooden table sits in an open kitchen. An old woman cooks on a fire stove and a young man in a pink shirt assists her. The town is made up of 12 clans, and has about 600 residents. A few foreigners are gathered at the table. Myself, Francisco, an official from the Colombian department of communication and a Dutch woman teaching at the local school. The government official is in town to set up a cellphone tower to allow the local community to connect to the internet on their phones. The young man in the pink shirt laments about the Internet connection. "There are only a few places in town where we can access a data connection", he says. "But these spots are so few often the people you are messaging are already there (at the data spots)!" he continues. The Dutch teacher shares that the school is the only #wifi hot spot. The wifi was powered by solar energy and donated by a Spanish corporation. The older woman who cooks makes it clear that the government official can not start any work on the tower without approval from the community elder. The elder was travelling and the government official needed to wait for the elder to return before starting. He needed to wait for the elders permission she asserted. The young man in the pink shirt adds: "but when you start on the tower - there are many strong young men from the community to work on this." Someone responds in jest to the young man in the pink shirt ,"why don't you offer to do this work?" The young man in the pink shirt responds, "I already have my work. My work is in the kitchen."
Instagram photo by shop_shopping__- ❣️Funipica f-515 廣角鏡📸: ❣️全部廣角鏡經由台灣進口✈️ ❣️絕對系冇暗角 冇白點 高清鏡頭 ❣️無論影景定影人 效果一流🎡 ❣️以往既廣角鏡都系有暗角 有白點 ❣️搞到影相時都吾知用吾用廣角鏡好 ❣️吾用廣角鏡的話得個頭 ❣️但用左廣角鏡就有暗角 ❣️所以呢款Funipica f-515廣角鏡🙆🏻 ❣️絕對岩哂您既需要 ❣️一次過滿足哂您3個願望👏🏻 ❣️1️⃣無白點 ❣️2️⃣無暗角 ❣️3️⃣高清畫質 ❣️一個鏡頭仲包埋2個功能😚 ❣️1️⃣廣角鏡頭 ❣️2️⃣微距鏡頭 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ❣️幫襯本店有咩好處: ❣️1️⃣可郵寄/可面交/可順豐📦 ❣️郵寄:正常郵寄通常1-2天📬 ❣️偏遠地方通常2-3天 ❣️順豐:通常1天 ❣️2️⃣店主會寄出/面交前再一次驗貨🔍 ❣️確保每一件貨品無花無爛 ❣️3️⃣店主可提供大量效果圖/好評 以作參考 ❣️4️⃣假如朝早過數💵 ❣️可於即日下午寄出 ❣️5️⃣寄出後會有寄出證明✍🏻 ❣️6️⃣交收地點可儘量遷就客人地點/時間🙂 ❣️7️⃣可以要求店主寫回郵地址 以防寄失 ❣️8️⃣如果時間許可 可安排即日交收 ❣️9️⃣購買任何產品 附送小禮物 ❣️🔟客人再次幫襯 可繼續享有減價優惠 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ❣️為左慶祝本店成立4年🏆 ❣️現凡購買本店任何產品 ❣️買2件貨品減$10 ❣️買3件貨品減$15 ❣️如此類推 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ❣️Funipica f-515廣角鏡售價📷: ❣️$80包郵 (郵費都要$4架) ❣買2個以上減$25 ❣買3個以上減$35 ❣️買6個以上 ❣️仲包埋順豐運費 ❣️真系買得多平得仲多 ❣依然系全ig shop最平❗️ ❣️仲吾快d搵埋三五知己👭 ❣️齊齊買 齊齊笑住影相🤘🏻 ❣️仲可以送份禮物比朋友/情人👫 ❣️廣角鏡完全系送禮之選🛍 ❣️試問而家科技甘發達 ❣️有邊個系吾中意影相呢 ❣️買呢份禮物又實用又窩心 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ❣️Funipica f-515產品介紹 ❣1個通用型夾子 ❣1個超細纖維絨布袋 ❣2個防塵鏡頭 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ❣️溫馨提示: ❣️Funipica f-515廣角鏡注意事項⤵️ ❣️顏色方面: 玫瑰金 藍 香檳金 粉紅 黑 綠 銀 ❣️假如用samsung型號 建議購買LIEQI產品 ❣️否則要用相機360app先會冇暗角 ❣大量現貨 歡迎查詢 ❣️吾怕您煩 最怕您吾問🗣 ❣有意direct/留電話/wts 盡快覆😊 #廣角 #iphone #魚眼#微距#廣角#自拍神器#自拍神棍#三腳架#隨 #wifi #望遠鏡#充電器#充電 #usb 插頭#手機夾#耳機#擦得甩原子筆#三合一鏡頭#二合一鏡頭#藍牙#自拍遙控器#手機架#手機配件#補光廣角鏡#跑手#防水袋#手機防水袋#

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