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Instagram photo by ievolv3Learning about the chakra system can be a life-changing experience because it can help you to connect with different areas of your body using colors, symbols, crystals and sound. The chakras refer to energy centers located within the spinal cord that govern the functioning of major organs. Their primary function is to carry subtle energy throughout the body and are the foundation of all existence. When the chakras are blocked, you experience disease. This is why energy healing sessions/reiki is such a great holistic therapy because it works with the energy body to remove energy blockages and balance the chakras for proper bodily functions. We truly need to stop seeing ourselves just as the physical body and realize that physically is just but one aspect of our existence. We are energy that is conscious of all there is! The first chakra is located at the base of the spine: color red - organs: bones, skeletal structure, adrenal glands & coccygeal nerve plexus. The second chakra located between navel & genitals. color orange - organs: bladder, sexual organs, prostate, womb, kidneys and sacral nerve plexus. The third chakra located between the navel and base of the sternum. color yellow - organs: digestive organs The fourth chakra located in the center of the chest. color green - organs: respiratory & cardiac systems The fith chakra located on the throat. color blue - organs: laryngeal nerve plexus, vocal cords, mouth, throat, ears & thyroid. The sixth chakra located above and between the eyebrows. color indigo - organs medulla plexus, pituitary gland & eyes. The seventh chakra located above the head. Color white/violet & Gold. Organs: upper skull, cereblal cortex & pineal gland. You can also use crystals to help raise the vibration of your chakra system. See last picture for more information. Also make sure to check our website to buy the best healing crystals! Use code "weareone" for 25% off in all purchases over $100. No taxes πŸ˜‡ #youcanheal #holistichealth #naturalcures

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