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Instagram photo by kristinachelsea - Bazinga! I love my team. #UtahJazz #JazzNation #WeAreUtahJazz @35_fitz
- Bazinga! I love my team. #UtahJazz #JazzNation #WeAreUtahJazz @35_fitz
kristinachelsea kristinachelsea
oogie_ - Eric Didn't the thunder win their game?
kristinachelsea - kristina chelsea anderson @oogie_ they won, it was more or less a jab at OKC not making the playoffs either. After so much big talk from Kanter.
kristinachelsea - kristina chelsea anderson @oogie_ ah yes, this quote 'we have to do a better job, we cannot just let a team not even in the playoffs beat us like that' when the Jazz beat OKC.
bmwguy801 - Eduardo Ayala 🙌🏼🙌🏼 well said! Playoffs for the Jazz next year no doubt!
oogie_ - Eric ^ true, and if kd and Westbrook stay healthy kanters baby ass might get carried to the playoffs to play them :p
Instagram photo by utahjazz - Go to to watch all 16 end of season interviews. #WeAreUtahJazz
- Go to to watch all 16 end of season interviews. #WeAreUtahJazz
utahjazz utahjazz
hansh_in - Han shin You guys must be champ in 2015-2016 season
spoilinggrandma - Stacey Adams Love this Jazz team can't wait till next year!!!😍😍
jj_shalala - Joseph Shalala @daanteee just got your jersey!!! Go Straya!!!
fessteach - Fessteach Way excited for next year
emmaomary1 - Gud journey
papacheets - Brit Harding @bigbountiful1 stick to the goooood teams Larry!!
bigbountiful1 - Zac (larry) Seljaas @papacheets playoffs? 😏
ropabydev - @_bryan_92 yeah, cause Miami is good huh?
Instagram photo by elijah_millsap - Great win tonight to close out the final home game of the season. #energysolutionsarena #Gojazz #jazzvsmavs #jazznation #weareUtahJazz
- Great win tonight to close out the final home game of the season. #energysolutionsarena #Gojazz #jazzvsmavs #jazznation #weareUtahJazz
elijah_millsap elijah_millsap
football_7_11 - cadenmauldin- AKA- peanut Goood job u r a beast keep it up @elijah_millsap
kalin_dunmeyer - Kalin Dunmeyer So glad your with the Jazz! @elijah_millsap
moreauartwork - Moreau Art Elijah, check out my oil paintings on my page and follow me back if you would be interested in getting a custom painting of your own! We can do anything from career commemorations to family portraits, whatever you'd want to get done, we can do it! Maybe a gift for someone like a Father's Day (too late for Mother's Day) or birthday gift if you don't want one for yourself? Check out the paintings I did for Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors) or Nate Chandler (Carolina Panthers) or Brandon Crawford's 2014 WS piece (SF Giants) with all of them holding their paintings on my page! Follow me back and we can talk about what you want to get, one of the montage paintings would be sick! - Utah Jazz Fanpage Hey Elijah!! Man can you please follow my Utah Jazz page man!! It would make my whole entire year. I love the Jazz Soooo much, and you are seriously amazing! Please Man!!👏🏀
awhetton90 - Adam Whetton Super glad to have you on the team! You're the man! Sad day when we lost Paul. Blessed day when we got you. Keep workin at it! You're going to be an all star