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Instagram photo by stefanduellStrengthening the Core Muscles🏋🏼‍♀️: Very important for every athlete to prevent injuries as well as for everyone who is suffering from lower back or lower extremity problems❗️ . For the mechanical instability, dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises for patients with lumbar spine problems can help stabilize the spinal segments. Good muscular control of the spine and core can help compensate and reduce both instability and pain. Focusing on training the lumbar extensor and rotator muscles is most important. These exercises, which are best learned with a physical therapist, consist of the following: . 1️⃣Finding the position the spine is most comfortable in (neutral spine) . 2️⃣Educating the back muscles to keep the spine in the neutral position . 3️⃣Educating how to contract the transversus abdominis muscle . 4️⃣Educating how to contract the pelvic floor . 5️⃣Educating how to contract the thoracic diaphragm . 6️⃣Maintaining the neutral position through a series of movements that apply more and more degrees of freedom of motion. . Dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises are commonly prescribed for any kind of lumbar problems and even for reducing sciatica-type pain from degenerative disc disease, or pain that radiates into the buttock and/or down the back of the leg. . Try to integrate dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises into your daily training routine❗️ . #Stability #Training #LumbarStability #Core #Stabilization #InjuryPrevention #Warmup #CoolDown #Physiotherapy #Osteopathy #PhysicalTraining #Osteopatia #Fisioterapia #Fisio #Yoga #Pilates #CrossFit #Gym #Stretching #Acupuncture #Sport #Tennis #Football #Anatomy #Functional

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