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Instagram photo by truth.humanit #Repost from @mysterybabylon101 check his page out. It's full of knowledge. ・・・ ***ADOLPH HITLER WAS NOT A ROTHSCHILD PT 2*** Claim: Hitler failed to see that America had already succumbed to total Rothschild control. He should therefore have known that America would enter the war and knocked Britain out before the Americans could arrive. Rebuttal: Like Britain, America’s political class was not monolithic. The anti-war, anti-FDR forces in America were still very strong. Included among them were men like Charles Lindbergh and Joseph P. Kennedy. WITH MEMORIES OF WORLD WAR I STILL FRESH, THE AMERICAN PEACE MOVEMENT WAS TOO STRONG FOR FDR TO OVERCOME. HOW WAS HITLER TO KNOW THAT FDR WOULD ONE DAY STOOP SO LOW AS TO SET UP THE PEARL HARBOR ATTACK? BY THAT TIME, DUE TO STALIN’S WAR IN THE EAST, IT WAS ALREADY TOO LATE TO KNOCK BRITAIN (THE DESTINATION POINT FOR U.S. TROOP ARRIVALS) OUT OF THE WAR. Claim: Hitler was financed by the same London and NYC-based Masonic Jewish bankers he was railing against. Rebuttal: Can anyone show us a receipt? Seriously, there is not one shred of evidence that the Rothschilds or their front men “financed” the rise of Hitler’s NSDAP. Hitler’s money came from German businessmen fearful of Communist takeover, Russian emigres / Royalists who fled the Bolsheviks, and regular Party members, disgruntled veterans and NSDAP supporters.  Read more @ #hitler #nsdap #thirdReich #SS #Vatican #knightsOfMalta #illuminati #blackNobility #ashkeNAZI #Bilderberg #WW2 #Germany #Rothschild #Rockefeller #Freemasons #swastika #blackSun

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