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Instagram photo by namuhstradamus| so now we are supposed to believe he has #mentalhealth  issues because he quit working for #americasgottalent  because he started to #wakeup people? i hope y'all see the cycle. i spoke in this before in several posts but more recently w/ the situation that occurred in reference to #oak #charlesoakley ). see, when people w/ magnanimous platforms use those platforms to #wake the 'sheeping' masses, then the government, #mainstreammedia as well as #hollyweird #hollywood ) etcetera starts fhuggin w/ their health & careers. if you need a point of reference think back to the happenings of #eddiegriffin or #davechappelle  or #kattwilliams & many, many others. see, #nickcannon @nickcannon ) has been giving off hints that he was in perfect health until he started making these life changing decisions. they always seem to use use auto immune diseases to try to silence someone or simply say their ' #mental ' & going crazy, foh. dude is not crazy at all, he's #spoton & they know it. i hope you all really know who the crazy ones are because it's them. the world of entertainment is some wild shihd't & trust if you know all the stuff that goes on there you'd probably never look at so-called celebrities the same ever again. the mansion parties are literally an anything goes for a myriad of reasons but that's all i'll say for now but they are the ones that woulda pulled a #kanye #kanyewest ) on nick if he would've just gone on a full blown rant instead of telling us in pieces what's happening to him. this is why he's extremely smart. see, respwct to him but kanyes ego is so huge, it's why he thought he'd be successful in just waking up his whole stadium of supporters about 'pizza' & the 'loomy'. i ask you, did they not snatch that dude from the moment he got off that stage?, said he was mental & the next time you saw him he had blonde hair looking all disheveled? did they allegedly put something right up his azz to keep him quiet? i saw something recently where a so-called black network was doing the same thing to nick, reporting that nonsense. please understand that this network is not our network (continued in the comments 👇).

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