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Instagram photo by antonio_falladSometimes believing in God is the easy part. Believing in his plan for our lives is often much harder. That requires trust in him. Not just in his existence but in his ways, his word, and his promises. That can seem like such a tall order for us when life is spinning. But part of being a Christian is committing our lives to following him, wherever that may lead us. When we trust that He will guide us safely along life’s path, we can walk confidently all the way home. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight You have to give it all to God. You have to give up believing yo u know what is best. You have to give up being in charge. You have to release your grip, and open your heart. In doing so, the bumps in the road seem smoother. Not because they all go away. But because you now know your way around them. We are urged not to be afraid, but instead to look to the Lord for guidance, safety, and protection. We cannot predict what life will bring to us. What we can count on, however, is that we are loved and cherished by a heavenly father who does not leave us for a second. A father who has proved himself more than trustworthy. I know is hard, because I deal with it! But deep inside my heart there is something telling me trust me, give it to me, your not alone!!! So whatever it is guys, keep aiming at the kings of kings JESUS!!!!!! #christian #god #godbless #godisgood #godisgreat #trust #courageous #cross #jesus #jesuschrist #trustinthelord #holy #holyghost #holyspirit
Instagram photo by shell_tanya#МеняНеВзяли -На шоу канала #ТНТ Холостяк 5 Илья Глинников решил, что ему не нужен ПРОДЮССЕР (орфография Глинникова сохранена :))) и не взял меня в путешествие, не дав мне розу в первый же съёмочный день. И слава Богу, потому что он оказался истеричным деспотом и тираном, который использовал шоу Холостяк и девочек-участниц, как способ избавиться от своих комплексов и личных проблем, издеваясь, обижая, и унижая людей. Он безобразно орал, таскал при всех за шиворот женщину-продюсера, которая там работала , с целью расправы гонялся с газовым пистолетом за исполнительным продюсером, срывал смены, и даже позволил себе замахнуться на одну из участниц. Он на 3 месяца превратил жизнь команды и участниц в АД! К счастью, я наблюдаю за всем этим со стороны:)) Так вот...Илья, спасибо , что не дал мне розу. 🥀🥀🥀🥀 P.S. Ну , а все кому нужен продюсер , я к вашим услугам :)))) #picoftheday #producer #Холостяк #Холостяк5 #флешмоб #участница #cool #joke #mood #ПочувствуйНашуЛюбовь #богинямонтажаихэштегов #Любовь #ВсемЛюбви #miami #florida #smile #mademyday #thankyou #love #life #true #trust #like #show #showmustgoon #bachelor #nice

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